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Michael Falzon is a former government minister who served under several Nationalist administrations.
Blogs 15-07

The two political parties that allowed themselves to be swayed by the doctors’ lobby working in its own interest also used the project and the hospital to gain other brownie points in their short-sighted electoral wrestling matches.

Blogs 02-07

The real issue was not the undermining of Air Malta, but the undermining of the lucrative scheduled air traffic business when this should have been an important factor in the future of our tourism industry.

Blogs 17-06

The truth is that, over time, the state has been financing the housing of more people who do not deserve it than of those who do, because of their dire financial straits

Blogs 03-06

After last week’s disappointing electoral result, will the PN go back to the drawing board, eat some humble pie and change its tactics?

Europe 2014 25-05

Carmen Sammut and Michael Falzon have stripped down the 2014's European campaign, where local issues and the leaders' opinion poll trumped all other EU concerns

Blogs 20-05

I do get the feeling that Muscat’s attempt at using the Engerer case in the way he did must have lost him more votes than he might have possibly won back.

Blogs 07-05

The EP election cannot but be reduced to a referendum on Joseph Muscat’s first 14 months in government and Simon Busuttil’s record in Opposition: the result will have the value of a real and much more precise opinion poll.

Blogs 22-04

Last Monday’s mass abstention by the Opposition was a parliamentary first. One hopes it will also be the last.

Blogs 08-04

Muscat's big mistake was to announce a reshuffle some three weeks before he planned to do it, creating unnecessary uncertainty in a number of ministries.

Blogs 10-03

Labour must learn how to better resist the pressure for handouts that is typical of its ‘old Labour’ supporters and be fairer to deserving citizens, whatever their political allegiance