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Michael Falzon is a former government minister who served under several Nationalist administrations.
Stifling competition
Blogs 18-10

Enemed takes advantage of its dominant position, especially with the fact that it is practically impossible for most other would-be competitors to have fuel storage facilities

Patriotism revisited
Blogs 12-10

What was once considered as a good anti-Imperialist policy no longer holds water in this day and age

The Dubai-ification of Paceville
Blogs 04-10

People seem to think that Malta should stop the clock and remain where it is as far as physical development is concerned – something that is impossible in a healthy economy

Simon Busuttil and his honesty card
Blogs 27-09

Independence Day was a transparent ploy by Muscat to steal the headlines… in public relations, Muscat is miles ahead of the PN

In a world of post-truth politics
Blogs 20-09

As truth becomes irrelevant and people believe what they want to believe, the politicians – even here – are having a field day with it 

Our parties’ only vision is winning the next election
Blogs 13-09

Muscat speaks of Malta being the best in Europe, Busuttil speaks of a corruption-free Malta. Both are laudable but do not qualify for a vision of Malta’s future

Planning amnesty: when the road to hell is paved with good intentions
Blogs 06-09

The conditions of the planning amnesty are too vague and practically any breach in development areas can be sanctioned, yet the breaches are so different that one cannot issue an amnesty referring to specifically detailed breaches without making an injustice to others

On Air Malta, the government is barking up the wrong tree
Blogs 31-08

The problem the government is facing is not just Air Malta, but a misguided national tourism policy that subsidizes low cost competition

Rents without tears
Blogs 23-08

With the Maltese rental market in an unprecedented boom, the number of problems with tenants not abiding by their tenancy agreement is bound to increase

It’s the economy, stupid
Blogs 16-08

One of the secrets behind Muscat’s economic success is that rather than ditching whatever the previous administration did in the economic sector they continued to build upon it

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