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Michael Falzon is a former government minister who served under several Nationalist administrations.
Wilders thrown in the wilderness
Blogs 21-03

Having small parties in Parliament with the big needing a coalition to govern can be the right antidote for the political mess Malta finds itself in

Cleaning the Augean stables
Blogs 14-03

Simon Busuttil’s bravado knee-jerk reaction was simply that – bravado that solves nothing but exposes everything

Domine Dirige Nos?
Blogs 07-03

The real truth is that the Police Force is the ‘longa manus’ of the executive and it will never check the abuse of power being carried out by the administration of the day

The politicians vs the people
Blogs 28-02

The ideal of having three branches of government – the executive, the legislative and the judiciary – balancing each other out in a system of checks and balances remains simply an ideal

Confusing the issues
Blogs 14-02

Joseph Muscat has a well thought out PR strategy while Simon Busuttil and his team are often falling between two stools. Too often

Vote Trump, get Bannon
Blogs 07-02

Apart from the ‘ideology’ embraced by Donald Trump and Steve Bannon, in the political world, there are many interesting parallels to the Trump-Bannon relationship

Crime and punishment
Blogs 31-01

Maltese historians who have started delving into the records to see how Malta was handled by Westminster are all astonished at the arrogant and dismissive way British civil servants looked upon the Maltese people

Ensuring a fair hearing
Blogs 24-01

The proposed amendment to the Constitution opens a door that could lead to a severe dilution of the rights of the common citizen

Simon’s broad church
Blogs 17-01

The so-called ‘colourful language’ of the maverick PN candidate Salvu Mallia has thrown the problem of the tension within Simon Busuttil’s broad church to the fore

The cost of human life
Blogs 10-01

The proposal for the alcohol limit for drivers to be slashed from 0.8 gr. to 0.5 gr. is a step in the right direction and should be adopted without any further useless arguments

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