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Michael Falzon is a former government minister who served under several Nationalist administrations.
Blogs 10-05

Guido de Marco used to converse privately with so many Labour personalities as if they were his bosom friends. Some of them were actually friends of his, I later discovered. Guido was right, of course. And I was wrong.

Blogs 03-05

The Panama story fires people’s imagination more than Manuel Mallia’s appointment as minister of competitiveness. It could well be that Joseph Muscat did not realise as much

Blogs 26-04

Claudio Grech’s comments were a breath of fresh air: Are we two tribes? No, we aren’t. And it’s about time we stop acting as if we were.

Blogs 19-04

Muscat’s ‘non-divisive’ ploy worked while Busuttil’s shouting battle cries did not. And yet, the Prime Minister keeps dithering on the fate of Minister Konrad Mizzi and his chief of staff, Keith Schembri. 

Blogs 12-04

What was touted to be Malta’s best ever Cabinet has been practically decimated within three years of its formation.

Blogs 05-04

The attack on Beppe’s so called ‘palace’ relies on the fact that planning policies tend to confuse the ordinary citizen

Blogs 29-03

The mess created in the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq and its ‘liberation’ from Saddam Hussein spawned Isis – or Daesh, its proper name – and this is where the world finds itself today

Blogs 22-03

The real whistleblowing goes on not through the application of the law but through leaks to the press and to a particular blogger. Most – but not all – of these leaks are the work of persons with a political motivation

Blogs 15-03

There is no escaping from an underlying trend that clouded many of Joseph Muscat’s decisions, to reward the unworthy and close an eye to their unethical behaviour

Blogs 08-03

Muscat’s administration has reached a defining moment: whether to go on ignoring the moral compass or make the right ethical choices

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