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Michael Falzon is a former government minister who served under several Nationalist administrations.
Populism: a threat to democracy
Blogs 07:30

Some Nationalist diehards are beholden by the idea that Muscat’s methods are akin to a type of populism... I do not agree with this assessment

Coalition: To be, or not to be
Blogs 18-04

It seems to be a big gamble on Simon Busuttil’s part, that could lead to a quasi-Pyrrhic victory because Marlene will certainly not let go and start calling the shots

Deficit myths, debunked
Blogs 11-04

The real deficit was even bigger… the KMB government was drawing funds from the Posterity Fund and the real deficit would have otherwise been Lm89.4 million

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen
Blogs 04-04

The UK’s Brexit misadventure is the result of one man – David Cameron – choosing what is good for his party over what is good for his country

Schools for scandal
Blogs 28-03

The number of schoolchildren that are not ethnic Maltese and are not Catholics has risen so much that the situation can no longer be ignored

Wilders thrown in the wilderness
Blogs 21-03

Having small parties in Parliament with the big needing a coalition to govern can be the right antidote for the political mess Malta finds itself in

Cleaning the Augean stables
Blogs 14-03

Simon Busuttil’s bravado knee-jerk reaction was simply that – bravado that solves nothing but exposes everything

Domine Dirige Nos?
Blogs 07-03

The real truth is that the Police Force is the ‘longa manus’ of the executive and it will never check the abuse of power being carried out by the administration of the day

The politicians vs the people
Blogs 28-02

The ideal of having three branches of government – the executive, the legislative and the judiciary – balancing each other out in a system of checks and balances remains simply an ideal

Confusing the issues
Blogs 14-02

Joseph Muscat has a well thought out PR strategy while Simon Busuttil and his team are often falling between two stools. Too often

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