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Michael Falzon is a former government minister who served under several Nationalist administrations.
Blogs 08:28

Erdogan’s savage reaction to the attempted coup led some to believe that the coup was a fake, a staged affair

Blogs 19-07

The news about the setting up of a Lands Authority is welcome, even though the Opposition has adopted a negative attitude towards the bill

Blogs 12-07

The old chestnut of foreigners ‘invading our country and taking our jobs’ hides the ugliness of bigotry posing as patriotism, and it is no coincidence that it is the clarion call of both the Maltese ‘patriots’ and the Brexiters in the UK

Blogs 05-07

It is worth looking into how different parties choose their leader. No one seems to have found the ‘ideal’ solution

Blogs 28-06

Economy minister Chris Cardona seemed to contradict himself with his declaration of wanting to be a bridge builder while threatening political adversaries with a metaphorical axe and a metaphorical hammer

Blogs 21-06

Two and a half years after the Justice Reform Commission finalised its recommendations, most of them are gathering dust

Blogs 14-06

Our Courts had been interpreting our libel laws in a way that ignored the media’s right and obligation to expose what is in the public interest and what the right for freedom of expresssion entails

Blogs 07-06

The performance of our economy lies with the restructuring that had to be done to join Europe

Blogs 31-05

One of the reforms that are sorely needed in our justice system is the creation of a Public Prosecutor’s Office

Blogs 26-05

So where do we go from here? Nowhere, really ... and everybody has to lump it. Insults are the order of the day and so it will remain ...

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