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Michael Falzon is a former government minister who served under several Nationalist administrations.
A budget for the present
Blogs 17-10

Minister Edward Scicluna dubbing his budget last Monday as a budget for ‘the future’ is – to Michael Falzon – somewhat of a misnomer. 

A necessary evil
Blogs 10-10

Reports of Public Procurement regulations being breached or even ignored are not uncommon. Such situations are an indication of bad governance, of course but it is obvious that these regulations are a 'necessary evil'

An uncanny parallel
Blogs 03-10

The majority of Opposition MPs - not so surprisingly - shied away from taking sides. Yet, the claim that the majority do not support Adrian Delia is no capricious allegation made in the media

Will the new broom succeed?
Blogs 26-09

Whether Delia will succeed is yet to be seen - however 'there is no doubt that he was elected on a wave of repressed anger, that the PN grassroots felt at the PN establishment'

What law enforcement?
Blogs 19-09

Joseph Muscat's speech marking the first 100 days included some new ideas, including: law enforcement

Tears of despair
Blogs 12-09

Many PN supporters are crying tears of despair as their party tries to find the way to the future. Angry their party has been beaten in elections twice in a row, some cannot understand why

… and the winner is, hate
Blogs 05-09

Ranging from 1973 to current times, have things changed all that drastically or have they remained the same? An inside look into the Daphne Caruana Galizia's blog and the effect it may be having on PN


The political media today
Blogs 22-08

The tone of the editorials of the GWU papers has recently become saner and more acceptable to the general public 

The resignation that never was
Blogs 15-08

Call them ‘the clique’ or ‘the political establishment of the past’ or whatever, but the people behind the PN facade are still there attempting to ensure that the new party leader will be the candidate of their choice

The rental market crisis
Blogs 08-08

People on subsidised rents should be means-tested every five years or so with their rent increasing as their level of income increases. Minor increases for inflation should also be part of the picture

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