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Michael Falzon is a former government minister who served under several Nationalist administrations.
Over the top
Blogs 12-12

The creators of the allegations that Malta is a country where the rule of law does not exist have gone over the top, provoking a negative reaction among the down to earth citizens of Malta

Bubble, bubble... toil and trouble
Blogs 05-12

The most important issue is whether Malta is experiencing a bubble in the property industry and the resounding reply was simply ‘no’...

A tale of two islands
Blogs 28-11

The international press has been putting Malta in a bad light ever since the Bidnija murder and the suspicion of some behind-the-scenes orchestration cannot be discarded as pure fantasy

Patriots and traitors
Blogs 21-11

In Malta many tend to think that the ultimate power in the EU rests with the European Parliament but this is far from the truth

Getting the PN out of the mess
Blogs 14-11

The PN is lamenting the weakening of our democratic institutions, the rule of law and democracy in Malta

Time to move on, but the two parties must do the right thing
Blogs 07-11

If the protests made by Civil Society achieved anything, it must be that the country is now even more aware of the need for a thorough look at the Constitution

People don’t have opinions, they have parties
Blogs 31-10

People have a difficulty in understanding the implications of the word 'loyalty'. Does it mean approving and agreeing with your party whatever it does? 

Why I am flummoxed
Blogs 24-10

I have never felt so flummoxed, so sad and as sorry for my country as I have felt these last few days

A budget for the present
Blogs 17-10

Minister Edward Scicluna dubbing his budget last Monday as a budget for ‘the future’ is – to Michael Falzon – somewhat of a misnomer. 

A necessary evil
Blogs 10-10

Reports of Public Procurement regulations being breached or even ignored are not uncommon. Such situations are an indication of bad governance, of course but it is obvious that these regulations are a 'necessary evil'

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