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Michael Falzon is a former government minister who served under several Nationalist administrations.
The resignation that never was
Blogs 15-08

Call them ‘the clique’ or ‘the political establishment of the past’ or whatever, but the people behind the PN facade are still there attempting to ensure that the new party leader will be the candidate of their choice

The rental market crisis
Blogs 08-08

People on subsidised rents should be means-tested every five years or so with their rent increasing as their level of income increases. Minor increases for inflation should also be part of the picture

Democracy and petty politics
Blogs 01-08

Is there a ‘normal’ democracy in the USA, the UK, Poland or Hungary? This doesn’t mean Malta’s democracy doesn’t need sprucing up, but that’s another issue 

Party loyalty vs conscience
Blogs 25-07

In retrospect, it is obvious that the PN leadership should have given a free vote to the Opposition MPs regarding the gay marriage law. Using the party whip on such a sensitive issue has probably made things worse

A letter to Simon and friends
Blogs 18-07

The broad vision of an all encompassing political party that manages to find common ground between different sectors of the population has never managed to survive and exist since Eddie Fenech Adami resigned his leadership post

Holding the fort
Blogs 11-07

Whoever wrote the law looked at the matter from a poignant standpoint as they themselves are emotionally involved in the issue. This could satisfy many a hurt ego but it does not automatically lead to good legislation

The first law of holes
Blogs 04-07

There has never been a really healthy open PN leadership contest since Eddie Fenech Adami’s in 1977... there was then no PN establishment putting spanners in the wheels of anyone challenging its anointed leader-to-be

The singer not the song
Blogs 27-06

Many posts on blogs and on Facebook provoke such one-sided blind hate that one starts to doubt whether we really are a mature and civilised country

Reinventing the PN
Blogs 20-06

The negativity of the forces behind the throne at the PN locked it in a position in which it only bothered with attacking the Muscat government with corruption claims – some evidently true, others never proven

The dark side of the PN
Blogs 13-06

It was no surprise, therefore, that the party machine would do its utmost to trip Claudio Grech by plotting his ‘downfall’: his not being returned to Parliament. Luckily these efforts did not succeed

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