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Michael Falzon is a former government minister who served under several Nationalist administrations.
The singer not the song
Blogs 27-06

Many posts on blogs and on Facebook provoke such one-sided blind hate that one starts to doubt whether we really are a mature and civilised country

Reinventing the PN
Blogs 20-06

The negativity of the forces behind the throne at the PN locked it in a position in which it only bothered with attacking the Muscat government with corruption claims – some evidently true, others never proven

The dark side of the PN
Blogs 13-06

It was no surprise, therefore, that the party machine would do its utmost to trip Claudio Grech by plotting his ‘downfall’: his not being returned to Parliament. Luckily these efforts did not succeed

On a personal note
Blogs 04-06

I could not hope that in his second term, Muscat would raise the ethical standards of his performance and suddenly become a paladin of good and transparent governance

On a personal note
Blogs 04-06

I think that Muscat’s victory this time around will not be as big as that of 2013. In other words Muscat will be re-dimensioned

What will the undecided decide?
Blogs 31-05

The fact that many are still undecided does not reflect negatively about these individuals but speaks volumes about the two main political parties and the blind way people used to support them in the past

Setting the agenda
Blogs 23-05

The PN managing to snatch the initiative from Labour and winning the ‘agenda war’ is a serious setback for Joseph Muscat

Of checks and balances
Blogs 16-05

Simon Busuttil was asking the Attorney General to break the law twice – first by getting a copy of the report and then by publishing it

A different campaign
Blogs 10-05

The incredible U-turn about this magistrate’s job that was made by the blogger who originally made the allegations, cannot be dismissed as just a fortuitous change of tactics

A June election on the cards?
Blogs 01-05

Calling an election and winning it will give Joseph Muscat some respite because the people’s approval of his performance will fly in the face of Simon Busuttil’s coalition against corruption

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