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Michael Falzon is a former government minister who served under several Nationalist administrations.
Blogs 08:57

The way the Castille lighting was installed is not just another problem: it is a symptom of a malaise that has overtaken the decision making process within the government

Blogs 17-11

The funniest thing is that the supposedly leftist Labour Party is pushing for privatisation while the supposedly centre right Partit Nazzjonalista is rallying against it: in short, the ideological stance of both parties is completely topsy-turvy

Blogs 10-11

What I find most intriguing is that the story about the irregular GWU leases did not raise too many eyebrows while the revelations of former PN Minister Joe Cassar, did.

Blogs 03-11

Keeping secret state agreements that somehow involve public financial matters should be a ‘no no’ for any government of any democratic country… it is not even in the long-term interest of the party in government

Blogs 27-10

This everlasting activity is now also reaching the shores of our small island in a more pronounced way, provoking some short-sighted individuals to believe that time can stand still and claim that some Maltese ethnicity is under threat.

Blogs 20-10

After so many years of political bickering, today there are practically no differences between the PN and Labour on the importance of the private sector 

Blogs 13-10

As is normal in the political scene in this small island of ours, a government in mid term reaches a low level in popularity

Blogs 06-10

Scrap ‘our’ electoral system. It is the only way this country can get out of the clientelism trap.

Blogs 24-02

Alexis Tsipras without a tie, Simon Busuttil taking off his jacket, Joseph Muscat with his pastel blue ties and Dom Mintoff sporting those infamous belts with bizarrely huge metal buckles – Cottonera kitsch, of course.

Blogs 10-02

Bartolo seems to be saying that news conferences addressed by more than one minister are nothing but a façade, because the real truth is that after the public show, each minister goes on and does his or her bit alone