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Michael Falzon is a former government minister who served under several Nationalist administrations.
Ensuring a fair hearing
Blogs 08:00

The proposed amendment to the Constitution opens a door that could lead to a severe dilution of the rights of the common citizen

Simon’s broad church
Blogs 17-01

The so-called ‘colourful language’ of the maverick PN candidate Salvu Mallia has thrown the problem of the tension within Simon Busuttil’s broad church to the fore

The cost of human life
Blogs 10-01

The proposal for the alcohol limit for drivers to be slashed from 0.8 gr. to 0.5 gr. is a step in the right direction and should be adopted without any further useless arguments

New Year’s eve crackers
Blogs 03-01

The Libyan jet hijack incident last week has led to several conspiracy theories, fake videos and incredible suspicions, if not allegations

Two sides of the same coin
Blogs 27-12

Politicians and political parties need donors and financial support for their campaigns from businessmen who then expect to be rewarded for their efforts – This sort of thing happens everywhere and it is also the trend in Malta, where corruption is not the ‘monopoly’ of one political party

The nation’s conscience
Blogs 20-12

Malta needed someone to say what the President said… acting as the nation’s conscience was a wise and bold decision

The decline of the West
Blogs 13-12

Time will tell but I have the feeling that whilst the forces pulling Europe apart are strong, the opposite forces pushing it together are even stronger

Jobs plus indeed!
Blogs 06-12

Unfortunately organisations like trade unions, as well as NGOs, tend to abandon their mission statement when their income no longer depends on the subscriptions of their members.

It must be the Byzantines!
Blogs 29-11

The Byzantines came and left so many years ago but their guile seems to have lingered all these years

Down with the establishment?
Blogs 22-11

With so many evident shortcomings in our two main political parties, the least they can do is spare the electorate meaningless arguments as to which of them is anti-establishment, when both of them are not

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