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Michael Falzon is a former government minister who served under several Nationalist administrations.
Jobs plus indeed!
Blogs 06-12

Unfortunately organisations like trade unions, as well as NGOs, tend to abandon their mission statement when their income no longer depends on the subscriptions of their members.

It must be the Byzantines!
Blogs 29-11

The Byzantines came and left so many years ago but their guile seems to have lingered all these years

Down with the establishment?
Blogs 22-11

With so many evident shortcomings in our two main political parties, the least they can do is spare the electorate meaningless arguments as to which of them is anti-establishment, when both of them are not

Malta’s political orphans
Blogs 15-11

In their efforts to eat into the other party’s natural electorate, both parties are ending up abandoning the sectors that harbour their own traditional supporters

The minimum wage conundrum
Blogs 08-11

Increasing the minimum wage by more than the annual COLA adjustment might be seen as the panacea for social problems. I fear it is not.

Prejudice and objectivity: when the blogs rule the game
Blogs 01-11

Malta is a country where ‘objectivity’ is the end result of prejudice and bias

Steady as it goes
Blogs 25-10

Few bother to look beyond their personal interests and assess whether among the budget measures one can find any interesting moves that show a sense of direction

Stifling competition
Blogs 18-10

Enemed takes advantage of its dominant position, especially with the fact that it is practically impossible for most other would-be competitors to have fuel storage facilities

Patriotism revisited
Blogs 12-10

What was once considered as a good anti-Imperialist policy no longer holds water in this day and age

The Dubai-ification of Paceville
Blogs 04-10

People seem to think that Malta should stop the clock and remain where it is as far as physical development is concerned – something that is impossible in a healthy economy

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