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Michael Falzon is a former government minister who served under several Nationalist administrations.
Blogs 17-12

This is not to say that Muscat never made mistakes before, but that in this case he failed when he was tested on how he reacts to circumstances that were not of his own doing 

Blogs 02-12

The time has come for a national independent commission on the Police Force, on the way it works and how it assumes responsibilities from existing laws, and to recommend changes in laws and organisation

Blogs 18-11

It is obvious that the euphoria of Labour’s historic electoral victory is over and Joseph Muscat’s ministers have been re-dimensioned by the man in the street

Blogs 05-11

It is disturbing that the Muscat administration seems to have already lost the moral strength to stand its ground on unjustified demands

Blogs 21-10

When I tried to do something about the sore, I was left to burn my fingers alone. Perhaps I was naïve, but the truth is that I was slowly learning that votes come before principles

Blogs 07-10

Will this archaic attitude drag Joseph Muscat and George Vella down and hinder the needed change in the wording of Malta’s neutrality clause when there is obviously a bipartisan agreement on what this neutrality entails

Blogs 23-09

Today there are practically no differences between the PN and Labour on Malta’s status as a valid EU member, on foreign policy, on the importance of creating productive jobs in a social liberal economy and on the vital part that our education system plays in this goal

Blogs 09-09

What is interesting is that religion and religious differences have always been used as a justification for cruelty, even though most religions preach love and respect

Blogs 26-08

Joseph Muscat is known to have close relations with Matteo Renzi. Italy’s stance towards Malta on migration in the Mediterranean has radically changed. These are facts… This change in stance could be the result of Muscat having made some deal with Renzi concerning Malta’s SAR

Blogs 12-08

This ministerial behaviour is completely unorthodox and utterly unacceptable. Negotiations should only start after the preferred bidder is chosen by the evaluating committee and publicly announced