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Michael Falzon is a former government minister who served under several Nationalist administrations.
Blogs 07:22

The PN’s silly attack on him during the election campaign, regarding the infamous ‘block of ice’ incident, never really dented his perceived integrity

Blogs 02-02

While concern about the environment dropped, in the last four months there was a substantial increase in concerns regarding buses and corruption. This says it all.

Blogs 26-01

Strong migration flows have boosted Malta's potential growth but recent events have shone a light on a persistent streak of xenophobia and intolerance 

Blogs 19-01

Bedingfield’s comment was more than simply stupid, considering that when he served at the Vatican, Scicluna was the chief Church prosecutor in sexual abuse cases.

Blogs 12-01

The weakest link limits the strength of the chain. Muscat has been ill-served by his own chosen cronies

Blogs 05-01

The many Nationalists and Labourites who live in a time warp are more comfortable with the political enemy of old than with the current one

Blogs 29-12

In the current Maltese situation, there are too many instances of bad governance that will definitely impinge on how the electorate will rate the Joseph Muscat administration

Blogs 22-12

Apparently, the so-called American University of Malta has already failed its most important test – it will not be recognised as a university but only as an institute in further education

Blogs 15-12

People enjoy gossiping about government employees caught pinching petrol or what not, more than talking about the introduction of a propositive referendum law!

Blogs 08-12

Marlene decided to resign from the Labour Party and there was a reaction from her erstwhile colleagues.

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