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The politicians vs the people
Michael Falzon
Blogs 07:49

The ideal of having three branches of government – the executive, the legislative and the judiciary – balancing each other out in a system of checks and balances remains simply an ideal

No news? Never mind, just fake some of your own
Raphael Vassallo
Blogs 07:40

Not much happening that is worth reporting? Who cares? Just make some stuff up on the spot and run with it on ...
We are heretics
Saviour Balzan
Blogs 11:54

Everything is politicised in Malta: 'If you do not worship at the altar of the Labour party or the Nationa...
A split-second to cause an accident
Josanne Cassar
Blogs 27-02

The situations which are particularly heart-stopping are where adults have fidgety children with them, or when...
[WATCH] Saviour Balzan’s video blog
Saviour Balzan
Blogs 24-02

In this week’s Il-Punt, Saviour Balzan argues that defending freedom of expression also means allowing j...
Cure required for politically-obsessed island
Josanne Cassar
Blogs 23-02

Much like the paranoia about “reds under the bed”, if you have politics on the brain you are bound...
The EU plan: Libya is not Turkey
The Conversation
Blogs 22-02

A key olicy argument for keeping migrants in Libya is that it will protect them from falling into the hands of...
Reporting Bogdanovic’s police bail release was not irresponsible
Matthew Vella
Blogs 22-02

Magistrate Joe Mifsud ignores the Vassallo inquiry that proves Malta’s police is wedded to people of inf...
Last lesson of the afternoon
Evarist Bartolo
Blogs 22-02

We strive to introduce newer forms of technology in our methodology. We must continue to do so without forgett...
If it ain’t broke, don’t reinvent it
Raphael Vassallo
Blogs 21-02

It remains to be seen whether any of the unnecessary items added to the original bucket list will be worth kee...
In free fall without a parachute
Frank Psaila
Blogs 20-02

The recent spate of car bombs has so far gone unchecked because the police force is bereft of senior investiga...
A lost battle
Frank Psaila
Blogs 20-02

The Nationalist Party described Labour’s Bill Media and Defamation Act 2017 as a knee-jerk reaction
Being inquisitive, not the law, makes a good journalist
Saviour Balzan
Blogs 20-02

Last Sunday was another political stunt like all the stunts we have seen in the past months from both pol...
Less hysteria on press reform
Josanne Cassar
Blogs 20-02

It is imperative that the grey areas are removed, definitions are made crystal clear and all lingering doubts ...
[WATCH] Saviour Balzan’s video blog
Saviour Balzan
Blogs 17-02

In this week's il-Punt, Saviour Balzan talks freedom of expression, which he argues is intrinsically tied ...
Xarabank: The paradox of the programme so many love to hate
Josanne Cassar
Blogs 16-02

For a long time Xarabank was very watchable television. But it entered dubious territory by outdoing itself wi...