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All articles • 'hunting and trapping'
Majjistral hunting times are illegal, managers tell ministry and ERA
Nature 15-11

Government has introduced new hunting rules in breach of its own environment rules on public consultation

Ministers refused Majjistral compromise and steamrolled extended hunting hours
Environment 02-11

Majjistral park chairman Sammy Vella reveals ‘unmitigated folly’ and refusal of compromise solution to extend hunting and trapping hours

NGOs lambast new Majjistral Park hunting and trapping times
National 28-10

New Legal Notice lengthening hunting and trapping times at the park denounced as a “backward move against environmental protection and public interest”

European hunters stand ground on Maltese trapping after EU Court edges closer to ban
Nature 28-07

European hunters federation stands its ground faced with ECJ Advocate General’s opinion on trapping in Malta

Ex-hunter acquitted of bribing ALE police officers
Court & Police 17-05

Eric Scicluna from Mtarfa had been charged with having conspired to bribe an official from the ALE after the Commissioner of Police had investigated a tip-off about ALE officials who were getting overly friendly with the local hunting fraternity

[ANALYSIS] When cornered… how did they react?
Election 2017 17-05

Before Panamagate, Joseph Muscat excelled in the art of pulling out before it was too late while Simon Busuttil was often overtaken by events. But has the PM run out of options after a year of scandals and is Busuttil now anticipating him?

Hunting: CABS film another buzzard gunned down, 50 illegal bird callers found
Environment 24-09

At least five hunters were seen hunting in the Gebel Ciantar where the bird fell down. Police arrived 45 minutes after CABS alerted headquarters.

After illegal hunting, FKNK offers reward for information
National 18-09

Hunters’ lobby FKNK says illegal hunting and trapping activity causing ‘irreparable harm’ to ‘genuine’ hunters and trappers as number of illegally shot birds soars

Updated | Swimmer says hunters shot down at him to kill Honey Buzzard
Court & Police 17-09

Hunters nearly killed Steve Haston and his colleague when they shot three honey buzzards while the two were snorkelling • BirdLife Malta urges government to take action

European Commission tells Maltese hunters out-of-court settlement on finch trapping not possible
National 07-09

Hunters meet Karmenu Vella: “Commission incessantly targeting its smallest member state despite all tremendous efforts to conform with Birds Directive.”

CABS dismantles 10 illegal bird callers with police
Environment 26-04

CABS hits back at FKNK statements, dismantles illegal bird callers with the police

Update 2 | Europe ‘asking questions’ about Malta’s spring hunting season
National 23-04

BirdLife claims European Commission have asked government for scientific justification behind this year’s spring hunting season • CABS says EU-wide hunting ban on turtle dove will be proposed • WBRU accuses BirdLife of 'misleading the public' 

Hunters: ‘Overwhelming support for trophy hunting in the European Parliament’
Europe 20-04

Metsola: ‘Firearms collectors are not terrorists; the EU should not confuse the two’

PM must close hunting season – BirdLife
Environment 20-04

Illegal hunting on protected birds clear sign for the Prime Minister to close the hunting season – BirdLife Malta

Hunter charged with shooting protected birds
Court & Police 15-04

The man was arraigned in court after killing Montagu's harriers

Spring hunting opens with reduced quota, BirdLife insists scientific advice ignored
Environment 15-03

Spring hunting season for turtle dove and quail to open on 17 April

Hunters welcome Ornis committee’s recommendation to open spring hunt
National 27-02

Kaccaturi San Ubertu recommends ‘precautionary reduction’ in daily hunting hours for turtledove

New digital system to replace live-capturing hunting license
National 13-01

Roderick Galdes announces changes to hunting licensing system aimed at ‘reducing bureaucracy’, while Birdlife Malta lament the loss of the "useful statistic tool" that was the carnet de chasse system

AD want Brussels to stop bird trapping pending court action
National 18-10

‘Government’s commitment on nature protection is zero’, Green Party says

Trapping season will start 20 October despite EU court action
Environment 16-10

Environment ministry issues legal notices for trapping season and bag limits

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