MeDirect Bank’s top tips to keep testing negative while staying positive in 2022

MeDirect Bank has compiled a list of steps that one must think about, especially now that most of us are slowly getting used to this new lifestyle

The pandemic brought about huge changes to our lifestyle, to our plans and to our financial health. Having said that, Covid-19 didn’t bring about negatives only - we had our take on baking, we spent more time with family and it also made us slow down on our daily errands and meetings.

MeDirect Bank has compiled a list of steps that one must think about, especially now that most of us are slowly getting used to this new lifestyle.

The prior restrictions prevented us from excess spending and we were more cautious to where our money was going. However, it seems like we all adjusted to this new normality and are now back to spending, mainly in the run up for the Festive Season, however, MeDirect Bank can guide you on how to manage your money better with some easy tips.

You must have created some healthy financial habits through a pandemic year and it will be difficult to maintain them if life is somehow going ‘back to normal.’ Restrictions during the peak of the pandemic helped those individuals who wanted to save. They stopped all social events and cancelled all travel plans for us. This is slowly coming to an end as our social media feeds are once again full of friends and family members traveling and doing their utmost to make up for what they missed during 2020 and 2021. For those who would like to continue saving, it is time to prepare yourself to live a once again normal life, while staying loyal to your financial decisions.

Start off by identifying the good behaviours you’d like to keep from the past year. How did you save? By putting away a lump sum as soon as you got your salary or did you cook at home more often?

Some of us used this period to save up more for big purchases that they were always hesitant to save up for. Jot down your good habits and see what you’d like to stick with in 2022. Socialising may become more common, along with the expenses that come with it. To prepare for this new spending, keep your goals in mind and try to come up with a strategy on how to achieve these goals. Maybe by inviting people over at home instead of going out, or meeting for a coffee and dessert rather than a full-blown dinner?

Have you ever played the waiting game? It works! Before taking any decisions on buying something, have a think about it and wait for at least a couple of days to make sure that you’re making the right purchase and taking the right decision. This can prevent you from making spontaneous unneeded purchases that you might regret later.

We all want the ‘normal life’ back as soon as possible, yet, there should be some habits that we developed that we would want to keep. It is essential to see what has changed for the better in the past months and incorporate these in our daily lives before we forge ahead. Here’s to a new year of testing negative, while staying positive!

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