Are bonuses the solution for maintaining casino growth?

The gambling industry is constantly evolving and becoming more and more popular. With new online casinos regularly popping up around the world, it is even more important for platforms to have tried-and-tested methods of attracting and retaining customers

Due to the revenue generated by customers, online casinos are always seeking to both attract new players to the platform, while retaining registered users. The various gambling sites compete by offering increasingly better offers, with many using bonuses to attract players due to the variety and additional interest they bring to the gambling experience.

Many casino operators believe that bonuses and special offers are key to ensuring continued casino growth, but do these bonuses work? 

Do attractive bonuses and special offers work?

Online casinos understand the appeal of free offers, with bonuses seen as one of the most effective marketing tools for any casino platform. These can attract players and retain loyal customers, which is why many online casinos offer incentives to create an account.

Welcome bonuses entice new clients because they provide the opportunity to receive free wagering money in return for signing up.

While welcome bonuses can prove effective for attracting new clients, ongoing special offers and promotions keep them returning. In addition, the online casino market is a large one, making standing out from the competition that much harder and meaning that offering bonuses regularly is crucial.

This explains why players are constantly on the lookout for bonuses that can increase account balances, provide free spins and cash back on losses, as well as why casinos with various bonuses are more successful in retaining customers.

Many also offer loyalty programs in which clients can earn bonuses for remaining loyal to the site. These can be exchanged for free spins, tickets or other rewards, Many of these offers can be found at one-stop online casino directories such as Casino Bonus Club.

How do bonuses help casinos grow?

Casinos spend significant time devising strategies to attract and keep players loyal, including analysing the performance of their customers and acting accordingly. Players are divided into segments according to their behavior, with each segment targeted with a specific mix of bonuses. This way, operators can ensure that these specific promotions will help them grow and better understand their customer base.

Free money transferred into a player's account or receiving free spins on their preferred online slot is clearly appealing, with these offers seen as tempting even though casinos may compensate for this 'free money' in other ways. Additionally, players may feel less at risk when believing they are gambling for free. Indeed, the psychological component associated with the terms "bonuses" and "special deals" should not be easily disregarded. Players may feel that if they turn down an offer, it could be a missed opportunity. 

Casinos reward their patrons in a variety of ways, each with its own benefits and appeal. They award bonuses in accordance with eligibility criteria and triggers on particular behaviors, such as spending a certain amount of money on a certain game, making a minimum deposit or checking in. Operators of casinos give players awards based on their characteristics and specific behaviors, which helps them maintain a growing client base.

What kind of bonuses are there?

Multiple types of bonuses are offered by online casinos, with so-called ‘sticky bonuses’ the most common. This bonus money can only be played in the casino, meaning that although it cannot be immediately withdrawn, it can be used to play and, if used to generate winnings, withdrawn accordingly.

Casinos also offer first-deposit bonuses. Once a player opens an account and makes their first deposit, the casino operator may match that deposit as well as additional funds, or offer other incentives such as free spins. The deposit is usually doubled, though some platforms may triple or even quadruple these initial funds.

Casino operators understand that losing money when gambling is inevitable, which may explain why they often give daily, weekly or monthly cashback bonuses to players to help those customers recover a portion of their losses. As such, it makes it more likely that clients will return, knowing they can retain at least 20 to 30 per cent of their losses.

Final thoughts

The online casino industry is very competitive, with market values estimated to be around $114.4 billion by 2028. As new platforms enter the gambling world each year, there is a growing need for marketing strategies to attract clients who will place real-money wagers, with casino operators aware that a combination of the above strategies will help ensure success.

Platforms that do not offer appealing bonuses or promotions have difficulty attracting new players, which, due to the industry's competitive environment, means casinos are heavily incentivised to do so. 

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