Tomorrowland confirmed in Malta for the second consecutive time

Unite With Tomorrowland is coming to Malta for the second time this summer

Unite With Tomorrowland is coming to Malta for the second time in as many years on Saturday 28 July 2018. The event will be held once again at the Marsa sports grounds. 

Under the colourful flags of Unite With Tomorrowland, along with South - Korea, Germany, Taiwan, Lebanon, Dubai, Spain and Israel, in 2017 Malta was part of a memorable global event shot through with that “indescribable Tomorrowland vibe”. A line - up of int ernational and local artists performed live on the Unite Stage in Malta.

A magical live satellite connection was also set up with Tomorrowland in Belgium and guests at UNITE with Tomorrowland enjoyed 3 DJ sets of Tomorrowland headliners, live from the lege ndary Belgium Mainstage and united with hundreds of thousands of people around the world, all synchronised simultaneously.

Thousands of people hailing from over 50 countries attended the event in Malta at the Marsa Sports Grounds. The organisation of the event was highly praised by those who attended – in a scientific survey, more than 90% said that the event was a great success and they will be eagerly waiting for the second edition.

Out of these, more than 80% said that Unite With Tomorrowland Malta 201 7 exceeded their expectations by far. Unite With Tomorrowland will be organised in Malta for the second consecutive year and the public should expect an even better and bigger experience. Intensive work on this year’s edition is already underway.

Unite with Tomorrowland Malta 2018 edition is set to be a magical celebration with an exclusive on - stage international line - up. Headliners will be travelling to Malta to perform live on stage and people will also be part of an emotional live conn ection with Belgium and the rest of the world.

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