Four reasons to try car sharing this week with GoTo

With a staggering 47 cars being registered each day across the Maltese islands, pollution is a serious concern. But GoTo is cheaper than a cab and faster than public transport!

For most Maltese people, not having 24/7 access to a car is a terrifying proposition. But, with mounting environmental and health concerns, the growing cost of car ownership and a move towards cleaner, healthier modes of transport, many are looking to reach a compromise that is better for the planet and their wallets.

GoTo car sharing – which launched in Malta last month – promises to bridge the gap between various modes of public transport and ease the financial burden of driving, all while being kinder to the environment. Here are the main ways GoTo is making a difference.

Cleaner transport

With a staggering 47 cars being registered each day across the Maltese islands, pollution is a serious concern, and a growing number of deaths are being attributed to air pollution each year. The GoTo sharing scheme helps to cut down on vehicle emissions in two ways. Firstly, every car in the fleet is electric. That means they produce little noise and no exhaust fumes. Secondly, GoTo is part of a Transport Malta initiative aimed at diversifying Malta’s transport use. Car sharing is a cheaper alternative to car ownership and is the perfect complement to other modes of transport, such as cycling, walking and public transport thanks to its flexibility.

It’s good value

Owning a car is expensive, as anyone who has had to sit down after receiving a motor insurance quote will tell you. The cost of the vehicle itself is just the beginning – regular maintenance, road tax, insurance and fuel costs quickly add up. Malta’s small size means that, traffic notwithstanding, the time motorists spend actually driving is relatively short, which means all those expenses seem even more unnecessary. Car sharing lets users adopt a pay-as-you-go approach to car use, bringing the costs and the commitment down significantly. Aside from a low monthly membership fee, GoTo users only pay when they use a car, down to the minute, so there are no additional car-related costs to budget for.

Parking is easier

GoTo has secured reserved parking spots in 68 localities around Malta and Gozo, with a planned 225 charging stations to be in place by the end of 2019. These include locations in the Three Cities, Valletta, Sliema, Msida Birkirkara and San Gwann, as well as Mgarr, Kercem, Victoria and Xewkija in Gozo. With 150 GoTo cars at present, users are able to park in one of the GoTo parking places. Given the parking situation in most parts of Malta, having a designated parking space to go to is an instant winner!

On-demand availability

Securing a GoTo car is as easy as firing up the mobile app and checking the live map to locate the nearest free vehicle. That’s it! You’re ready to roll at a moment’s notice and you can even make quick stops without ending the hire. When plans change quickly or you’re running late, GoTo is the perfect solution that’s cheaper than a cab and faster than public transport!

How does it work

GoTo users will first be asked to register online. Registration is free and will require some personal info, credit card details, and a clear picture of your driving license and ID card. Verification is completed within 24 hours and new users will be notified when their registration has been successful. Users will also receive a physical GoTo membership card by post.

Membership is free for the first two months, after which you will be charged €7 a month for access to all GoTo vehicles. You can cancel your membership at any time, at no extra charge. Members are then charged €0.28 per minute of car use, with a rate of €0.14 per minute for short stops. Prepaid and Savings packages are also available.

For more information or to download the app, visit

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