My essentials: Abigail Mallia’s cultural picks

No 18 | Abigail Mallia, 43, director, producer at TakeTwo

Abigail Mallia
Abigail Mallia

1. Book

I read the bio of Will Smith and I really enjoyed it. First of all, it brought back so much of the 90s and my teenage years – Fresh Prince, Men in Black and so forth. Moreover, reading about his work ethic, his self-analysis and his growth on a human level, was very intriguing… how he became one of the world’s top entertainers through being, intrinsically, a people pleaser – his discovery of this way of being, and how such awareness brought him towards a more authentic self.

2. TV/Film

I watched two films while I was stuck with COVID over Christmas and New Year – ‘Don’t Look Up’ and ‘Hand of God’. I loved both. I laughed through all of the first one, until it ended and I realised just how tragic my laughter in fact was. Hats off to the director who achieved that. ‘Hand of God’ was such an emotional journey as well as an aesthetic delight. I love Sorrentino.

3. Internet 

Can I say my bro Jon Mallia? Does that count? I think ‘Il-Podcast ta’ Jon’ was an absolute necessity. This long-form conversation that is not limited by time or structure brings a true breath of fresh air as well as an in-depth dive into topics and themes, through free-flowing conversation.

4. Music

I love soundtracks, especially when it comes to series, as when I hear them they bring back all the emotions, the characters, the story etc If I had to pick, it would be the theme songs of Succession and Dark (a German series).

5. Place

This summer we drove all through Italy. I love Italian culture, food and landscape. Driving into Lake Como at sunset was one of the most magical visuals I have ever experienced. The majesty of nature is breathtaking. It would be great to live there, every August perhaps, as the the rest of the months would be way too cold for me!