My essentials: Inez Kristina’s cultural picks

No 29 | Inez Kristina, 25, Visual Artist

Inez Kristina
Inez Kristina

1. Book

I’m currently reading ‘How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy’ by Jenny Odell, which I think reflects the state of mind I’m currently in. It’s a sort of collection of observations about the nature of nothingness in relation to contemporary life and the internet. The author’s ramblings about birdwatching, art, anecdotes about the cynic Diogenes, (and more) remind us about how beneficial it can be to take a step back from all the noise and appreciate being “unproductive”, (and not in the ‘self-care’ pampering way). It’s hard to describe, but it’s an interesting read for people who feel like social media is a bit of a hole and want to reclaim something they feel they’ve lost through it.

2. Film

I recently watched Dog Day Afternoon (1975), which I 100% recommend. It’s based on a true story - Al Pacino plays Sonny Wortzik (based on John Wojtowicz), a man who robs a bank with two accomplices, to fund his lover’s gender reassignment surgery. Their whole plan goes up in flames as they make some obvious mistakes and spend the movie negotiating with police over hostages. It’s an excellent, well-paced movie which doesn’t get boring even though it’s mostly set in the bank, and it’s funny and moving at the same time. Worth a watch.

3. Internet/TV

I want to share a YouTube video that really highlights how some animators go to excruciating lengths for their art and maybe could help shed some light on why it’s a slow and laborious process. ‘The Animators Who’ve Spent 40 Years on a Single Film’ from the channel Atrocity Guide tells the story of Yuri Norstein and Francheska Yarbusova (who made the cult classic ‘The Hedgehog in the Fog’ in 1975) spend their lives arduously working on their stop-motion film ‘The Overcoat’ which has the record for longest animation production of all time, and is still not finished!

4. Music

My music taste is incredibly diverse and changes according to my mood, so I will give you the tongue-in-cheek response of 432hz music (yes, I know). I unironically listen to these sorts of ethereal sounds when I’m concentrating or falling asleep, two completely opposite states of mind. You could hardly call it music though (I do, however, suggest giving it a whirl when finding it hard to focus), and my Spotify tells me I spend most time listening to Khruangbin and Alan Parsons Project, so there’s that.

5. Place

I would love to take a stroll on Filfla. I know one can’t go there, but I’ve always heard that it’s full of unique species and I would love to sit under a parasol on Filfla and scrutinise nature, sketching it. I’ve also only ever seen drone footage and people diving along the coast, no actual footage of people visiting the top, going ‘on’ it and documenting what it’s like. If there are any scientists planning a research trip to Filfla, please take me with you!