My essentials: Nadine Mohr’s cultural picks

No 81 | 37, Nadine Mohr, Photographer and Editor at Nadine Mohr Photography

1. Book

‘The Alchemist’ a Novel by Paulo Coelho. I am an avid reader and although I am not much into fiction, this book grabbed me from its first few lines. It really is full of messages and lessons which help you elevate your life in so many ways. I read it in a day and its valuable lessons have stayed with me to this day. Even if you are not a reader, grab the audiobook and let it expand your mind.

2. Film

‘Meet Joe Black’ by director Martin Brest of 1998. When it’s a movie about how ‘death’ experiences love for the first time and presented in the most artistic and well scripted way, you fall in love with this film. The score is also timeless, and the essence of the movie lingers in your life for years to come.

3. Internet/TV

I only tend to use social media to showcase my artistic photography and keep in touch with loved ones. I have always had a soft spot for the British series ‘Place in The Sun’. Apps I enjoy using are Etro for investing and Sleep Cycle to aid with my sleeping patterns

4. Music

I absolutely love music. So, it’s hard to pick favourites, however I will mention a few musicians here; HAEVN, The Paper Kites, Sevdaliza, Woodkid, BANKS, Troyboi, Black Eyed Peas (early work), Benjamin Clementine, Sarah McLachlan, Alter Bridge.

5. Place

I would consider myself well-travelled and every country has its beauty, however one of the most breath-taking places I have experienced is France. I am not much of a city person and tend to prefer natural sceneries. France for me has it all, from the mouth-watering food to amazing weather most of the year. I have travelled through France numerous times and with every visit it keeps on surprising me.