My essentials: Joseph Galea’s cultural picks

115 | Joseph Galea, 49 yrs, Performing Arts Practitioner and Theatre/TV producer

1. Book

What I enjoy reading most are short stories. In fact, I can’t help but mention a book that was published last year that is very close to my heart.: Siesta, a collection of short stories in Maltese penned by Trevor Zahra. A publication that to my surprise was dedicated to myself and my wife Antonella alongside two other friends of his who also happen to be very good friends of ours. I also particularly appreciate Melitensia books. The latest addition to my collection was Woven Splendour, a publication about the tapestries of St John’s Co-Cathedral which had just been restored. We were fortunate enough to see them displayed last year. I visited them more than once and literally found myself captivated by their beauty.

2. Film

Upon watching The Crown, I particularly enjoyed actress Olivia Colman’s acting, who portrayed the role of the queen. I have lately come across ‘The Lost Daughter’, wherein she played the lead role. This psychological drama, alongside the formidable cast, stands out as one of the best films I’ve ever seen, despite its seemingly simple premise.

There’s a particular scene that recurs throughout the film, where the mother peels oranges for her daughters without breaking the peel, making it look like a snake. This detail lingered in my mind long after watching. The film demands multiple viewings to fully absorb the numerous details and understand their significance.

3. Internet/TV

I don’t have a specific website or blog that I regularly follow. Like everyone else, I use the internet frequently, but the site I find myself visiting the most is the one dedicated to Italian football, especially news related to my favorite team, Juventus. Due to my work commitments, I can’t always catch up on games and updates as they happen, so I often visit the Juventus website to stay informed about the latest news.

4. Music

I enjoy a diverse range of music genres spanning from classical and sacred to pop and rock.  I often find myself listening to music based on my mood and the task at hand.  However, if I were to name a composer who has left a lasting impact on me since my youth, it would certainly be the great Ennio Morricone.  His score for various film soundtracks has always captivated me. On a different note, I have a strong affinity for Queen’s music, largely because I grew up listening to it, along with numerous other bands and singers from the eighties and nineties.

5. Place

Italy holds a special place in my heart. My favorite city is Rome, and I never tire of visiting it. The streets of Rome feel like an open-air museum, brimming with history and culture.

In recent years, I also had the pleasure of visiting Wales, a country that captivated me with its breathtaking natural beauty.

There are still many destinations on my travel wishlist, including Egypt and the Holy Land. However, I understand that traveling to these places may not be easy at the moment.