Gibson threatens to kill ex-girlfriend

Gibson tells her he will put her in a … rose garden

Eight minutes of new audio have surfaced on Monday capturing Mel Gibson's angry and expletive-laden rant to ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. The recording appeared on the website Radar Online, follows an earlier release on the site of a tape in which Gibson uses foul and threatening language toward Grigorieva.

Monday's audio features Gibson threatening Grigorieva, with whom he's locked in a child custody battle, yelling at her that she needs a "bat to the side of the head" and that he could put her "in a … rose garden" if he wanted to

Interviews with a number of Hollywood talent agents and studio executives on Monday suggest that as a result of these recordings, Gibson has become anathema in the entertainment business; the insiders see little way Gibson would be hired as either an actor or director on any mainstream film.

On Friday, the news broke that Gibson had been dropped by his agency, William Morris Endeavor, around the time that the first reports of a diatribe against Grigorieva surfaced and as his longtime agent and supporter, Ed Limato, lay on his deathbed, both of which may have been factors in the decision.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department also has confirmed that it is investigating the actor in a domestic abuse case. In the new recording, which will be added to evidence already being reviewed by detectives, the onetime A-lister seems to acknowledge that he hit Grigorieva, the mother of his child, when he responds to her mention of him hitting her by saying, "you … deserved it."

Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said the investigation would not be affected by Gibson's celebrity. "First of all there was no favouritism last time [referring to the 2006 Malibu incident]. There is no favoritism this time," Whitmore said. "We're just doing our job." The department faced criticism after Gibson's 2006 drunk driving arrest after it was suggested that the actor's anti-Semitic comments be expunged from the arrest report.

Gibson's publicist, Hollywood veteran Alan Nierob, said that his client had no comment on the current scandal.


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