[WATCH] A beaming Gianluca ‘couldn’t ask for more’ from Eurovision experience

Malta’s most popular doctor lives his Eurovision dream, expresses satisfaction at result.

Gianluca Bezzina
Gianluca Bezzina

In his first comments to the media, Malta's singing doctor Gianluca Bezzina expresses his satisfaction at having placed his beloved country among the top ten at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013, after an absence of eight years.

"I'm sure everyone's happy with the result," Bezzina told Eurovision.tv.

"We're obviously sorry that we aren't taking the trophy to Malta. But we enjoyed the night, had a good time and I couldn't ask for more from this experience."

Watch Gianluca's comments at 2:27

Home Affairs minister Manuel Mallia yesterday evening personally congratulated Gianluca, his band and the Maltese delegation led by PBS chairman Tonio Portughese and PBS CEO Anton Attard for the result obtained.

Greeting Bezzina at the backstage soon after the results were announced, Mallia told Gianluca that he made Malta proud.