Britain's Next Top Model | Tiffany’s sweet pose saves her from near elimination

Maltese contestant Tiffany Pisani landed in the bottom two in Monday’s episode of Britain’s Next Top Model, but pushed past Delita Cole to continue to the next round in the competition.

The Maltese model, who’s been praised consistently by the panel of judges and photographers so far, was told by presenter and world-class supermodel Elle Macperson she looks beautiful in her latest photograph but is “tired of seeing the same expression.”

The models had to pose nude, save for a barely-there garment covering their lower bits and ladles of chocolate poured over them from head to toe, for Palmer’s cocoa butter. Tiffany seemed apprehensive of posing nude, claiming “I wouldn’t usually do any sort of nudity at all.” She also appeared to be struggling when chocolate was poured all over her face.

The photographer appeared to take a liking to the local hopeful. However, he expressed disappointment over her performance, and expected more out of the shoot. “It’s disappointing when you expect a certain amount from a model but they don’t deliver,” he said.

Tiffany Pisani scored high throughout the rest of the episode, earning good remarks for her clip promoting singer Beyonce’s latest perfume ‘Heat’.

In this week’s first challenge, the models had to strike poses with a male model on a Vespa in a London street. The challenge judges said Tiffany needs “more confidence”. The model herself said “It was silly, I just felt silly doing it.”

The nine remaining models will continue in the competition for the much-coveted title of Britain’s Next Top Model. The next episode will be aired on Monday at 10:00 pm on Living TV.

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