Di Caprio slasher gets restraining order

Aretha Wilson had assaulted the star with a broken beer bottle in 2005.

Aretha Wilson, 40, has been given a restraining order by the Los Angeles court for assaulting Titanic and Inception star Leonardo Di Caprio in 2005.

Di Caprio was attending a private party in Hollywood hosted by Paris Hilton’s ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon when Wilson allegedly snuck in and, mistaking the actor for a former lover, attacked him with a broken beer bottle, leaving him in need of several stitches to his face and neck.

Wilson, a former model, fled to Canada, but was forced back for the trial. She has thus far been ordered to keep 450 metres away from the star at all times. As the case is set to continue next month, she faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon, while her bail has been raised to $150,000.

Di Caprio will be present at the trial, and is even prepared to take the stand if need be.

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