Justin Bieber’s Twitter revenge

Detroit teen feels Bieber’s wrath as his phone is flooded by texts.

Admitting that he “meddled” into the 16-year-old pop star’s life, Kevin Kristopik could potentially be forced to fork out a mobile phone bill worth thousands of dollars, after Justin Bieber posted the Detroit teen’s mobile phone number, masquerading it as his own, on his Twitter account. This was payback from Bieber after Kristopik allegedly hacked into the singer’s Facebook account and acquired the star’s number from a friend. He similarly went on to post it on his Twitter accounts, driving Bieber’s dedicated hoard of young fans to smother the singer’s phone with calls and messages. Bieber promptly deleted the vindictive tweet, but it was too late: fans had already avalanched Kristopik with text messages – 26,000 in total, the teen told the Detroit Free Press. Kristopik is in danger of incurring a bill that could amount – according to his own estimation – to $20,000, because a good number of the texts came from international or long distance numbers. The Detroit News reports that Kristopik had emailed a local radio show to brag about hacking into Bieber’s Facebook account. He then went on to threaten Spike, one of the show’s hosts, into giving him free tickets to Bieber’s upcoming concert, writing: “Give me tickets or I’ll hack you.” There has been no comment about legal action from Bieber's camp as yet.

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