Ozzie Osbourne wants to record one last album

Ozzie Osbourne, 61, has hinted that he will retire after recording one more Black Sabbath album.

The rocker, whose band is famous for songs such as Ironman, has revealed he is in talks with drummer Bill Ward about the possibility of another reunion, and he is hoping to get Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler on board for “a get together”.

“We’re talking and that’s a good sign. We’re not at war with each other,” says Osbourne, “I was speaking to Bill Ward last night. I’ve got to speak to the other two.”

In an interview with Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Osbourne said that “I’m trying to get things done right. I would love to do a killer Black Sabbath album. It would make my life, my whole thing, round up perfectly for me.”

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