GO introduces ten new TV channels

GO is introducing ten brand new TV channels as from August 2014. 

The majority of these channels will be available to Silver and Gold IPTV customers and include Restart, Pause, Rewind and Record features.

Programmes based on suspense and adrenaline will feature on Discovery ID Xtra and Discovery Turbo Xtra, which will be replacing Discovery ID.

The majority of the series will showcase an array of real-life mystery and suspense stories, as well as turbo charged entertainment for young adults, and will be available to Silver and Gold IPTV subscribers.

GO is also introducing a number of foreign language channels for a broader range of TV entertainment. These include two new Mediaset channels, Italia 2 and Boing, the former showing a variety of sitcoms, sports and music programmes, while the latter broadcasts cartoons and children’s programmes.

Other Italian channel additions include Iris, which is dedicated to quality films and film-related news, and Mediaset’s TGCOM 24, a 24-hour Italian news channel. All four Italian-language channels are part of an Italia Premium Pack which will be on offer free of charge to Silver and Gold IPTV subscribers until December 2014.

Gold IPTV viewers can also enjoy two new German-language channels, RTL and RTL 2, which offer a diverse mix of programmes across various genres, enabling viewers to enjoy TV entertainment ranging from sports, news and fiction, to emotional, multifaceted entertainment series.

TVE and TVE 24horas, will cater for Spanish-speaking Gold IPTV subscribers who will be able to enjoy discussion-based programmes, drama, documentaries and news.

Michele Dandria, Manager - Content and Digital Media at GO, said, ‘We are always striving to enhance our customer experience. The introduction of these new channels will give viewers more freedom and choice to experience a wider range of home entertainment.’

Silver and Gold IPTV packages start from €21.99 a month and €28.99 a month respectively and include the best selection of the top international channels. More information on GO’s TV service and the various packages available can be obtained from all GO retail outlets and exclusive resellers, by calling Freephone 80072121 or visiting www.go.com.mt