Tiffany’s fiery shot get’s her through to the final four

Britain’s Next Top Models contestants were put to the test once again on yesterday’s programme during a photoshoot in the humid climate of Malaysia, promoting watches of brand Baby G.

The models were treated to luxury during their first week in Malaysia, where they get to stay in the penthouse suite of the luxurious Ritz Carlton hotel. The contestants also met up with world-famous shoe designer Jimmy Choo.

The remaining five models had to learn a traditional Malaysian dance as part of the challenge, and later in the day attended a formal dinner with a number of important Malysian people, including Jimmy Choo.

The photoshoot of yesterday’s episode required the girls to achieve the brand Baby G’s goal of looking edgy but pretty. Joy’s performance seemed to fare best with the judges. The panel took a liking to Tiffany’s photo, but did not consider it to be her best performance.

The Local hopeful got called out second to continue in the competition, while Amelia was eliminated. There are only four contestants left in the competition.

The next episode will be aired next Monday at 10.00 pm local time on LivingTV.