Belgian adventure film to be shot in Malta and Gozo

The islands will serve as a backdrop for this new adventure family film

Studio 100, a leading TV & Film production company in Belgium, has selected Malta to shoot a new feature length film.

Having had a successful filming experience in 2013 with ‘Pirate Pete and the Sea Monster’, Studio 100 will be returning to Malta this month to film at key locations in Malta and Gozo.  The two islands will serve as a backdrop for this new adventure family film. The film has potential for future screen tourism activities and was made possible thanks to the new financial guidelines launched by the Malta Film Commission.

Minister Edward Zammit Lewis commented that this film promises to be an excellent marketing opportunity for Malta and Gozo - "This renewed collaboration with Studio 100 certainly augurs well for further collaboration between Malta’s film and tourism industry."

With the main characters Mega Mindy & Rox already enjoying popularity and a high captive audience in Belgium and the Netherlands, the Malta Tourism Authority will capitalize on this opportunity to further intensify its efforts in these two markets.

The film will be released later this year in Flemish and Dutch cinemas and distributed in Flanders by Kinepolis Film Distribution.

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