Amber wins Malta Eurovision Song Contest

Amber wins the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with rousing fan favourite power ballad 'Warrior'. Read Chucky Bartolo's blog on tonight's final.

Daniel Testa
Daniel Testa
Lawrence Gray
Lawrence Gray
All hail the singing nuns: Ekklesia
All hail the singing nuns: Ekklesia
Deborah C
Deborah C
Glen Vella
Glen Vella
L-Ahwa Bezzina
L-Ahwa Bezzina
Karen Debattista
Karen Debattista
Conchita Wurst, last year's Eurovision Song Contest winner, will sing in tonight's Malta Song for Europe
Conchita Wurst, last year's Eurovision Song Contest winner, will sing in tonight's Malta Song for Europe
23:42 Thank you to all who joined us this evening. You've been great, I've been Chucky! Until next time, kids. Chucky Bartolo
23:41 Congratulations to Amber! Here's to Europe appreciating her amazing voice! Chucky Bartolo
23:36 AMBER OFFICIALLY WINS Chucky Bartolo
23:35 Jury 5: Amber 12 Chucky Bartolo
23:34 Even without the final jury Amber wins Chucky Bartolo
23:33 Jury 4: Amber gets 12 Chucky Bartolo
23:32 Jury 3: 12 points to Amber's WEARIER Chucky Bartolo
23:30 Jury 2: 12 points to Amber Chucky Bartolo
23:29 Jury 1: 12 points to Amber Chucky Bartolo
23:27 12 points from tele-voting go to Amber with Warrior! Chucky Bartolo
23:16 Office Grump 3: "We can be heroes tonight?? Do you know how long it takes to build a lair, have a tragic backstory, establish who your arch-nemesis is..." Chucky Bartolo
23:14 Annoying everyone in the room with incessant YAAAAS-ing Chucky Bartolo
23:13 Look at that waistline, damnnnn Chucky Bartolo
23:13 We're on first name basis now? Next up: Connie Chucky Bartolo
23:11 Don't they realise that most of the people who watched the Junior Eurovision are also watching this show? Chucky Bartolo
23:09 Lighting a candle for all the jokes that lie dead on this stage Chucky Bartolo
23:08 Gotta hand it to them, it was a very good last song Chucky Bartolo
23:04 I stand corrected, they've released 2 Chucky Bartolo
23:01 So surprised to see that odd instrument is still there, was sure it was a vegetable of some sort Chucky Bartolo
23:00 "Mr. George Clooney Poussay" Chucky Bartolo
22:57 Making the show 6 months earlier means the old winner hasn't had time to release a worse song yet Chucky Bartolo
22:50 Chucky Bartolo
22:48 The national identity is strong with the dance number Chucky Bartolo
22:47 She just put a curse on everyone watching Chucky Bartolo
22:45 Chucky Bartolo
22:42 I think I miss Moira #PhrasesINeverThoughtIdSay Chucky Bartolo
22:38 The one time a presenter really needs a costume change, and it still hasn't happened Chucky Bartolo
22:37 Nun's praying for these children to return to the path of light and step away from the "hip-hops" Chucky Bartolo
22:36 The jingle before each song was stolen from Julie and Ludwig’s “On Again Off Again” … all it needs is the giggle #InvestigativeJournalism Chucky Bartolo
22:30 Can we have televoting to select our presenters? Chucky Bartolo
22:29 "Shall we open televoting?" "Ok I guess..." Chucky Bartolo
22:27 "It's in your nature to be a freak" - and they say romance is dead Chucky Bartolo
22:25 If someone tells me you look completely unafraid, I'd be afraid Chucky Bartolo
22:25 Kliem u muzika ta Charles Manson?? Chucky Bartolo
22:23 That last bit of this song is the singing equivalent of a soap bar constantly slipping out of your hands as you try to grab it Chucky Bartolo
22:23 Who's this and why is she so far away from him? Chucky Bartolo
22:20 39 years old, 17,239 Eurovision entries. Chucky Bartolo
22:18 OMG I CALLED THIS JOKE!!!! Chucky Bartolo
22:18 I wonder if Daniel is feeling lonely up there without the other one. Chucky Bartolo
22:15 Chucky Bartolo
22:12 Hey technology nerds, can someone please make my message ringtone the Eurovision fanfare? Chucky Bartolo
22:09 She must have attended Franklin’s previously mentioned privat! Chucky Bartolo
22:07 I’ve taken to making most people in this room uncomfortable with my sedentary grinding Chucky Bartolo
22:07 There’s a cupcake waiting for the person who tells me which spice girls song this is reminding me of. Chucky Bartolo
22:04 Gonna have a word with Franklin to start giving private lessons on how to nail the Eurovision marvel that is the “music pauses then big note” Chucky Bartolo
22:03 When I meet the future love of my life there better be Franklin singing in the background while rabbits knit me a dress Chucky Bartolo
22:02 Chucky Bartolo
22:01 Can I have an isolated feed from Dorothy's mic (preferably with her singing a different song)? Chucky Bartolo
22:00 Are those flowers actual size? Chucky Bartolo
21:59 Essentially: Gianluca and the Gianlucettes Chucky Bartolo
21:57 "Harsa penetranti" - she's just making it too easy Chucky Bartolo
21:56 Daniel's groan: That's the same noise I make whenever he speaks Chucky Bartolo
21:54 Chucky Bartolo
21:50 To whom it may concern, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite Maltese entries ever: 1) Angel – Chiara 2) 7th Wonder – Ira Losco 3) Desire – Claudette Pace 4) On again off again – Julie and Ludwig 5) Vertigo – Olivia Lewis Chucky Bartolo
21:48 When you have a nice voice, why try reach outside its limits? Chucky Bartolo
21:46 Chucky Bartolo
21:46 Office Grump 2: "Matrix filghodu" Chucky Bartolo
21:43 Shout out to the writers of this song: Its name tells you what I think about it Chucky Bartolo
21:41 Deborah C displays true professionalism after she kept singing, regardless of her getting trapped in a curtain. Chucky Bartolo
21:40 My mother said if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Hope you enjoyed my 3 minutes of silence. Chucky Bartolo
21:39 Do you think she knows it's Fandango, not Fun-tango Chucky Bartolo
21:36 Chucky Bartolo
21:29 Since Joseph didn’t have time to interview me on the red carpet here’s what you need to know: I’m wearing a very nice throw, my vocal inspiration is Mariah Carey and I think my best quality is knowing I have little to no vocal talent to speak of. Chucky Bartolo
21:27 Sometimes originality is good, other times not singing a sister act song is a huge disappointment Chucky Bartolo
21:26 You know how they say that sometimes being in a group can mask a weak voice...clearly there are some terms and conditions Chucky Bartolo
21:24 You know she makes everyone call her Beyonce, and refers to the others as Michelle Chucky Bartolo
21:22 It’s nice that he has so much love for this song that he’s used it to enter the competition 3 years running Chucky Bartolo
21:21 Eurovision performance essentials: Microphone, lights, scarf Chucky Bartolo
21:18 Damn! They gave me a casual key change. Like a parent of an ugly child- I have to love it, grudgingly. Chucky Bartolo
21:18 Ludwig hitting high notes looks like he just told a really lame joke and is waiting for laughter Chucky Bartolo
21:17 Have you ever wondered what a smoothie of banana, garlic and mayo would taste like? No. Cause some things just don't work together. Chucky Bartolo
21:17 It's like a printer exploded on the bottom part of her dress Chucky Bartolo
21:16 Trilogy’s here with a song in the style of mid 2000 Eurovision. Darlings it’s too early for a throwback and too late for it to work. Chucky Bartolo
21:14 Pain is more than just physical; see: Local presenters Chucky Bartolo
21:07 Also banned: any song referencing any large snake, anaconda or otherwise. (Lifgha exempt) Chucky Bartolo
21:06 Texting organizers to pull the plug on any song that speaks about one’s rear end. Chucky Bartolo
21:04 Let's talk, that wasn't our best note now was it. Chucky Bartolo
21:02 Half the microphone, all the smugness Chucky Bartolo
21:02 Office Grump on Dominic's instrumental prowess: "Ray Charles, a***" Chucky Bartolo
21:00 The reason it's set in baker street will remain a mystery. ZING. Chucky Bartolo
20:59 Is every word rhyming cute, or annoying. I don't feel like making tough decisions Chucky Bartolo
20:58 YES! Eurovision throwback. This is some serious Debbie Scerri meets Claudette Pace perfection Chucky Bartolo
20:56 Once during PE I managed to spin a hoola-hoop 8 times. Just wanted to get that out there for reasons of self-validation Chucky Bartolo
20:55 Damn, better than any hamster I ever had Chucky Bartolo
20:55 Good girls and good boys hold it while it chills Chucky Bartolo
20:49 Nothing worse than a pause for applause, without applause. Chucky Bartolo
20:45 And so it begins, in the best way possible: CONCHITA WURST! Chucky Bartolo

Eurovision fever is back, and sooner than expected! With the Junior Eurovision coming to a close less than a week ago, last night saw the Marsa shipbuilding and its new facelift (and rhinoplasty and boob-job) once again hosting a night of Eurovision splendor.

From the 14 finalists, one lucky winner will be chosen to represent Malta in the 60th annual Eurovision Song Contest. This year it will be held in Vienna, after the historic victory of bearded bond-girl Conchita Wurst with the song “Rise like a Phoenix”. Austria’s controversial diva will also be making a special guest appearance on tonight’s show.

Tonight’s performers will get the chance to live a dream and sing on a huge stage to an audience of tens of thousands, but why let them have all the fun? For everyone watching at home, tonight’s final will have live commentary by “The Eurovision Whisperer” Chucky, right here on the MaltaToday website.

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