Tia Reljic is a spokesperson for the Environment Ministry. She is a former MaltaToday reporter

PN and pensioners' organisation highlight need for adequate pensions
The need for better distribution of wealth and a dignified pension was...
Heroin highway jury: defence says police compilation is an embarrassment to the prosecution
Court & Police
Defence told the jury that the accused’s life is in their hands, as it...
Heroin highway jury: Defence questions validity of court experts’ testimony
Court & Police
The judge however clarified that although there was no submission form, the...
Busuttil hints at financial interest in seeking recusal of Panama Papers Judge
Court & Police
Former PN leader Simon Busuttil says he does not doubt integrity of Judge...
Man back in court after theft attempt
Court & Police
The man admitted to several theft charges only weeks after leaving prison
Man accused of killing woman in car accident thought he hit an object
Court & Police
The man accused of killing Stephanie Rapa back in October did not realise...
Man pleads guilty to stalking and harassing woman
Court & Police
The man had allegedly stalked, harassed, insulted, and threatened the victim...
Man handed jail term for groping and biting woman on a bus
Court & Police
The man was sentenced to 16 months jail for forcing himself upon a female...