Police still nowhere close to solving Daphne's murder, Delia claims

Opposition leader Adrian Delia says that 31 years after the murder of Raymond Caruana, the country had once again fallen into the grasp of a corrupt government • AD chairperson Carmel Cacopardo attends activity commemorating anniversary of the murder

Two months after the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, the police have done nothing and are nowhere close to solving this murder, opposition leader Adrian said this morning.

Delia, who was addressing party supporters at the Nationalist Party club in Gudja, said that police commissioner Lawrence Cutajar did not have the will to try and solve the case and insisted these things did not happen in a normal country.

“This week, we heard again of someone who had the courage to investigate and to fight for us,” Delia said, with reference to former police inspector and Financial Investigation and Analysis Unit investigator Jonathan Ferris. “This person was doing his job – not for himself, but for us, before the corrupt government intervened once again.”

He said that Ferris was silenced and thrown away by the government because the time had come for investigations to take place and for politically exposed persons to be arraigned, including the prime minister himself.

“Today, [Ferris] is afraid for his life, and he does not know how he will protect his family, as well as the information that he has, if he is killed,” he said.

Delia noted that today marked the anniversary of the murder of Raymond Caruana, a murder that had not been a coincidence - he said - but fell within a context.

PN leader Adrian Delia during an activity commemorating the 31st anniversary of the murder of Raymond Caruana
PN leader Adrian Delia during an activity commemorating the 31st anniversary of the murder of Raymond Caruana

During that time, the government allowed for criminality, violence, and silencing all those who wished to express themselves. This led to the corruption of justice, he said. Similarly, today, the police commissioner and government is allowing for criminality instead of protecting citizens, Delia said.

He said that this week, David Casa was being branded a traitor by the government for using his platform to speak out.

"Casa said that he holds a report which the FIAU – another organ of the government which is there for us – has had for months,” he said,

Casa has claimed to be in possession of a full report compiled by the FIAU, calling for the police to investigate minister Konrad Mizzi.

Delia said that Attorney General Peter Grech too had this report in this possession but had instead remained silent and hid the report.

“Thirty one years after Raymond Caruana's murder, our country is going through the same historical experience, and the country has once again been taken ahold of by a corrupt government," he said.

AD chairperson Carmel Cacopardo attended the event, which commemorates the 31st anniversary of the murder, and said that it is important to remember during days like these that dialogue and discussion should always be at the crux of the democratic process. "Violence and other actions which lead to violence should never be allowed to rear their head," he said.