Updated | Political parties net €1.2 million in fundraising marathons

Records were broken as the Labour Party raised €611,497 and the PN €620,319

The Nationalist Party and the Labour Party held their Christmas fundraising marathon yesterday at their party headquarters in Pieta and Hamrun respectively and raised a record €1.23 million collectively.

The Labour party raised €611,497 and the Nationalist party raised slightly more, at €620,319 during the telethons, which were held between noon and midnight. 

The events included several family activities including singing, dancing, comedy, as well as panel discussions.

An outdoor Christmas market was also set up outside the Labour Party’s headquarters at Mile End in Hamrun.

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia made an appearance at the PN headquarters earlier in day, after having a spent the morning touring PN clubs around the island.

The PN leader pledged to collect donations exceeding €200 himself.

Deputy leader for party affairs Robert Arrigo could also be seen at Dar Centrali welcoming members of the public.

Antoine Caruana, a PN supporter who spoke to MaltaToday stressed that it was vital for people to support the party through their donations.

“We need to strengthen the party so it can deliver on its promises,” he said.

This was echoed by Labour Party supporters and activists who stressed that the party needed money to function, insisting they felt compelled to do so. 

“Its important to donate because the party needs it,” said one woman at the Labour Party’s Christmas fair. “I will always donate to the Labour Party.”

Another gentleman said he was happy to donate to the Labour Party since he knew it was “using the public’s money in an honest way that generates wealth”.

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