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[WATCH] Abortion surveys do not reflect reality, womens' rights group claims
Women’s Rights Foundation says surveys highlighting the unpopularity of...
Journalists’ institute leaves door ajar for ‘criteria’ on deletion of online court decisions
The Institute of Maltese Journalists has said the deletion of online court...
Young man tells court he lied to protect brother
Court & Police
Russell Buhagiar, 36, was cleared of all drug charges after admitting to having...
New EU-funded projects target shortcomings in public administration
A total of €15 million will be allocated towards improving public...
Maltese women remain under-represented on decision-making boards
Women remain under-represented on government boards and corporations, and...
Criminal proceedings cannot be suspended pending arbitration in lotto booth case
Court & Police
A criminal case against three hoteliers cannot be suspended according to the...
[WATCH] No sexual harassment policy at national sports agency
Sexual harassment conference hears how sexist and patriarchal society needs to...
[WATCH] Sexual harassment higher among women in management and professionals
EU report shows that women as young as 15 years of age have experienced...