Legal tech start-ups around Europe

An immense number of start-ups focused on the IT sector have emerged over the last few years however, many are branching out in other directions

In the last couple of years, an immense number of start-up companies have emerged. Up until recently, many were focused on the IT sector. However, it seems that start-ups are beginning to branch out in other directions as well.

It cannot be denied that technology has infiltrated almost every industry and business imaginable. However, what piques interest is the appearance of legal tech startups in some parts of the world, including Europe.

The similar terms law tech and legal tech may be easily mistaken for one another. Though you may think they are one in the same, there is a slight difference.

Law tech mainly focuses on consumers, which refers to individuals or small to medium companies. The concept is to help consumers self-serve, by administering legal advice to them, without all the excessive administrative work.

On the other hand, legal tech focuses more on lawyers. It helps them provide their legal services in a more efficient manner. It is a piece of software that automatically creates repetitive documents, at the same time offering potential solutions, based on the patterns it observes.

For instance, the platform allows its users to find lawyers that would perfectly fit their needs. This site alone gathers over 10,000 lawyers from all kinds of legal branches, placing them under one roof. These include property, family and individual, industrial, international, media and IT, procedural, regulatory, corporate, tax, penalty, economic and financial law.

How does it work and what is on offer?

It’s fairly easy. All you need to do is register an account and you will then be able to use the services and search for lawyers and legal assistance.

Once you have worked with a lawyer, you will have the opportunity to assess them. Numerous aspects come into player here, such as the attorney’s level of communication and adherence to deadlines. Moreover, you can get free legal advice if you respect it via a specific form, which can be found on the website.

This is just a single example of the many legal tech start-ups that have been flourishing in Europe. Nowadays, you can find new legal tech services in almost every country.

What are the benefits of legal tech implementation and development?

Firstly, automation as various software is used to make management easier. In this way, lawyers will not need to spend as much time doing admin work.

Furthermore, research has also become a lot easier. Law is prone to change and therefore, it is much easier to update an online document than to re-print a whole book, for instance. Finally, the customer experience also improves. Different technologies have made communication with clients a lot easier.

These are sound examples of just how tenacious technology can be, as it even managed to flood all industries, even those most resistant to change. Law is therefore a prime example of how far technology can go, and how much it will change in the future.