FCM celebrates its 1 year anniversary here in Malta

FCM bank is proud to be offering customers more choice, more market leading savings and deposit products with leading rates for both short and longer terms.

1 year on, FCM continue to lead the banking transformation in Malta by understanding customers and giving them the service they deserve. Their goal is to exceed customer expectations. And as actions speak louder than words, the team at FCM provide great service, rather than just talking about it.

As part of their celebrations, the team at FCM want to say "Thank You" to everyone for embracing FCM over the last year. They are passionate about giving customers short and long term savings and deposit products to help save for their aspirations and future.

To set them apart from other banks in Malta and in an industry which historically has not been known for putting customers first, FCM are launching a new initiative by speaking to customers not as a bank but as savings partners.

With the imminent launch of their new website, they continue to make customers lives much easier by streamlining the application process and providing a new digital application to help reduce time and complexity. One of the key strengths of FCM is their flexibility and if you feel like visiting them, they have free parking at their offices in Aragon House St. Julian's. Alternatively if you prefer you can call them to arrange a home visit where one of their representatives will discuss your saving plans.

All birthdays have presents and to celebrate their first birthday FCM are giving new customers a €40 bonus towards their 1 and 3 year term deposit account for all deposits over €15,000 Euros until the end of June.From the team at FCM Bank. "Thank You Malta".




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