Palumbo invests €2.5m in massive boat lift

A new 420-tonne boat lift will enable the shipyard to increase its superyacht repair business

This new 420-tonne boat lift will attract more business to the island
This new 420-tonne boat lift will attract more business to the island

Palumbo Malta Superyachts has invested €2.5 million in a 420-tonne boat lift that will enable it to repair and refit superyachts in the winter months.

The yard said this huge travel lift, the only one of its kind on the island, will better service the growing demand for refit and building services of workboats and small and medium-sized yachts in the Mediterranean.

“This is a big investment for the company that will have positive ripple effects on the island’s economy and spinoffs for support industries,” Palumbo Group president Antonio Palumbo said.

The lift is based on a platform with 16 wheels and features eight groups of lift belt to ensure an even load spread.

The advantage for the company is that instead of simply operating in the dock, this lift allows the shipyard to take in more business by hoisting the boats out of the water and moving them to workshops on land.

“This boat lift is the latest development in our shipyard that has transformed Palumbo Malta SY into a proper superyacht village — it is now the biggest complete facility in the Mediterranean with the highest level of professionalism and competitive prices,” Palumbo added.

Located inside the Grand Harbour, Palumbo Shipyard is able to welcome vessels of all types and dimensions. 

Served by one of the biggest docks in Europe, two covered docks, and a 700-ton floating dock, the yard has become a renowned destination for superyachts in the Mediterranean.

The superyacht village includes a ship chandler that specialises in supplies and equipment, a gym, a wellness centre, outdoor and indoor recreational areas, a food court and the option of deluxe accommodation.

Malta is one of Palumbo’s five refit shipyards that specialise in servicing large superyachts in the Mediterranean. The other facilities are located in Ancona, Marseilles, Naples and Savona.

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