University racing team announces crowdfunding campaign

Students urge the public to support the University of Malta’s FSAE team and to consider contributions as an investment in students

UoMR, the University of Malta Racing Team, is enthusiastically working on building a lighter, faster and smarter formula-style racing car prototype, with plans for a lighter chassis, advanced composite material development, the implementation of a turbocharged engine and the development of a proprietary data acquisition system. Evident in the exhibits is the applied research and development, which takes the form of final year student dissertations.

These dissertations are carried out either as stand-alone projects or directly on the test cars, and generate knowledge that is implemented in future iterations.

University of Malta Racing (UoMR) is a team of cross discipline university students who design, build and race a formula-style racing car in Formula SAE events around Europe. The team is looking to compete for the 3rd time in the 2017 Formula SAE competitive season. Growing steadily from its inception back in 2007, the team is investing in cutting edge technologies, a bigger budget and now includes over 60 students from eight different faculties and counting…

Inside the UoMR Workshop

Earlier today, the team set up its workshop as an exhibition space demonstrating the work that has been done since the 2012 reformation. Student team members explained to the visitors present, the whole car-building process from conceptualization and design to manufacturing and testing. The evolution of the final product could be appreciated in the 3 iterations of Maltese formula SAE vehicles, built in 2007, 2014 and 2015, the year in which the team placed 29th from 77 registered teams.

The Ministry for Education and Employment was among the first sponsors to support the UoMR project. The team is grateful to have this support, which helps to further enhance the education experience of the student community involved. The Ministry for Education and Employment has reconfirmed its support as one of the UoMR main sponsors for this edition.

Kurt Dalli, president of UoMR, thanked Bartolo for his continuous support and encouraged students to join in this interdisciplinary project. The team then launched an online crowdfunding campaign on ZAAR, which is set to raise €5,000 to be invested in better and lighter parts and in making the next racing car more competitive.

Dalli urged the Maltese public to support the University of Malta’s FSAE team and to consider contributions as an investment in students. The crowdfunding campaign can be found at

UoMR thanked all sponsors and collaborators who help the organisation achieve its goals: the University of Malta and its Research Trust (RIDT), the team’s University Advisor, Dr Ing. Maurizio Fenech, as well as the many staff members who offer their academic knowledge, resources, expert advice and other help, without which this ongoing project would not be possible.

The team’s main sponsors include The Ministry for Education and Employment, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, Tek-Moulds, Playmobil Malta, PwC Malta, Adpro-Instruments Ltd., Continental Cars Ltd., RS Components, Würth Malta, iCreateMotion and QFree Traffiko.

The UoMR team may be contacted by email at [email protected]  

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