How Videoslots plans to retain its leading industry spot

Videoslots saw the light for the first time in the spring of 2011. With a strong brand name and sovereign games for everyone, it quickly became a globally known and respected brand. Hazel Ashley tells us how the site manages to continuously add more games and provide players with thrilling promotions and epic offers. 

100 employees celebrations
100 employees celebrations

What are the benefits of having the company headquartered on the Island?

You just need to look around you, kick-ass offices, mix of people from all over the world, sunshine almost all year round, cheaper living costs than most, safe environment, lots of fun things to do… the list is endless.

Videoslots is one of the world’s biggest online casinos offering its players over 2000 games. How have you managed to become leaders in the market in only six years?

Regarding the Videoslots family, it is down to having leading entrepreneurs working round the clock with kick-ass attitudes that are creative people with innovative ideas. (this is where our values came from), We also of course have amazing providers both for games and payment providers which makes our customer support teams job much easier to advise and assist the players offering a personal VIP feel for everyone. 

What other fun games do you offer apart from video slots?

Videoslots is by far the biggest online Casino in the industry however the fun does not just stop at video slots, when you visit our site you can also expect a nice mix of Jackpot games, Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker, Live Casino, and the grand success – Battle of Slots.

Videoslots has a great company culture, seeking some of the most passionate and talented people. What is the recruitment process at Videoslots? What is expected from potential recruits, apart from a great CV and interview?

We don’t have a typical HR- Recruitment process, we don’t even have a recruitment site, what we do is we work on looking for people who are socially interactive by nature, and have a natural drive to develop themselves. We have a range of ages, cultures, nationalities and almost a 50/50 male/female ratio. So, we look for the people who have that something that is kick-ass about them not just the CV, in fact the family feel starts from as early as the recruitment process. We have had people who have brought in their kids when they came in to meet us.  

What are the main factors which play a part in retaining recruits?

Everyone is individual and we build our Jobslots and development plans around that person’s needs and wants. This includes personal budgets on your own development and that doesn’t have to be specific to your department.  We allow family members to come and see where they work, have lunch with us. We offer loads of benefits, and fun things too such as monthly events, a family vacation every year, and flexible hours. Again, the list is so long I could go on all day!

Do you offer opportunities such as training and coaching to enable employees to build their repertoire of skill sets?

Yes, one of our key focus areas is to always develop our family members to become leading entrepreneurs in what they are kick-ass about.

What is the company doing to bring more talent to it?

We focus on making the work place and environment the best we possibly can so that we retain our family members. With the benefits and events we have internally and externally, it naturally shows everyone else how awesome we are so people say to themselves. ‘I want to work for Videoslots’ (or that’s at least what we think!) Of course, we also focus very much on product, services, and innovation of the brand, giving the casino more stability, making more people want to work for us.

What’s coming up for this fast-growing brand?

There is so many innovative and creative things happening here both for the family and for the players that I don’t know where to start! Erm, more info on the site in a vast amount of languages, social interaction, more games, and more payment solutions.  There is also new cool stuff on the way that we are currently working on however, for the moment that is all I am going to say. Watch our Social Media space and the website and see it changing daily!


If you have innovation at heart and want to join the Videoslots family, send your cv to this website and find them on Facebook

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