Our promise: consistency

AD candidate Ralph Cassar writes: A vote for AD is a vote in favour of good governance, environmental and social responsibility

AD Chairperson Arnold Cassola
AD Chairperson Arnold Cassola

This week we had the usual people, amongst them Malta Independent editor Stephen Calleja, publishing the usual ‘don’t vote AD, vote PN’ article. He publishes nearly the same article, with the same message each and every election. Portraying PN as the saviours of the country, he rants on and on on the ‘dangers’ we face.

While obviously he has every right to publish whatever he wants and canvass for the PN to his heart’s content – not that he needs any encouragement to do so, he fails to understand that there are people who will not vote PN, or Labour. He fails to understand that there are people who refuse to prop up a failed system of governance, controlled by the few.

Stephen Calleja is busy burning incense for the Nationalists and seeks to pin the blame of the PN’s inconsistencies and ineptitudes on others – they only have themselves to blame. If their mighty machine is incapable of convincing voters it is their fault. Fullstop. Let’s take the hunting issue – not the issue as such – but the handling of the issue by the Nationalists. They want to hunt with the hounds and run with the hares. Literally. They say one thing to one group of people and another to another group. Basically, they lie through their teeth. 

Calleja fails to mention the cluelessness of a Nationalist Party when it comes to glaring conflicts of interest. He seems to have failed to investigate Claudio Grech’s statement that he did not recollect ever meeting George Farrugia, of oil scandal fame. Canvassing for the PN is more important. The db Group saga, MPs and party officials selling passports to their heart’s content. Asking the developers’ president to run on their ticket. The former minister responsible for destroying 2 million square metres of land at the edges of our villages – still there, while Busuttil blurts out inanities about ‘the environment’. His Gozo tunnel ‘dream’…and so on and so forth. 

The system is the problem. A system where opening companies in tax havens is justified – in the past and now as well. Where the ‘problem’ is Panama, while PL and PN justify tax evasion through fiduciaries and other services in Malta. Ask Beppe Fenech Adami for more information. A system where Joseph Muscat can get away with anything, and Simon Busuttil can blabber out inconsistencies. They know that when they are anointed Prime Minister, that their power is unlimited. No checks and balances. A discredited Opposition is in both their interest.

Clean politics does not come out of thin air. We need to work for more democracy and good governance everyday. A vote for AD is a vote in favour of good governance, environmental and social responsibility. It is a vote against the crazy tax promises which risk ruining public services – from healthcare, to public education. It is a vote in favour of clean air – while the others are promising tunnels under the sea and more roads – meaning more traffic, more congestion and more pollution. A vote for AD is a vote against subsidising frenzied construction – the 10,000 euro payment to those living in Gozo is just that, in disguise of course. It is a vote in favour of a better quality of life for all. Vote PN or PL and you will strengthen their hands for things to continue as they are. Strengthen the AD vote and you will be passing on a very strong message.

A vote for consistency, a vote against the system and a vote in favour of principles politics is a vote for Alternattiva Demokratika. No ifs, no buts. Our promise is simple: consistency.

Ralph Cassar is Alternattiva Demokratika’s secretary general and will be contesting the 7th and 11th electoral districts  

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