Do British expats wish to remain in the EU?

"I sincerely hope that come 24 June I will be able to enjoy my favourite meal – a full English Brexit!"

Mike Turner (3 June) rebutted Tim Diacono’s claim in his report when expressing discontentment at his less than judicious and prudent conclusions which were based on fatuous claims, which Mr Turner kindly referred to as ‘misleading’ when clearly they were false and vexatious suppositions.

Mike Turner claims that ‘there are many Brits in Malta who support Brexit’ but failed to elaborate or expound upon how many is ‘many?’ At least he didn’t imply that all Brits are in favour of a Brexit! And that forms the basis of my concern. As MaltaToday usually produce and provide a more balanced viewpoint backed up by statistics such as:

How many British Expats resident in Malta are eligible to vote in this forthcoming in/out EU referendum in the UK? 

How many eligible voters have registered to vote in this referendum?How many intend/propose to exercise their right to vote in this upcoming referendum?

How many eligible voters are still undecided which way they will vote – the ‘don’t know’?

How many will vote to leave or remain?

Mr Turner unequivocally declared that the recent ‘conference’ was convened to ‘discuss a Brexit’, when clearly (if this was the case) this intended purpose was irresponsibly hidden by the EP Information Office (Malta) by its misleading public seminar banner headline which never indicated that the sole purpose of organizing such a conference/public seminar (incidentally, at what cost?) was to solely discuss a Brexit – so why suggest or assume/presume such?

I did however, for what it is worth, agree with the bulk of Mr Turner’s submissions but not Mr Diacono’s as I consider it irresponsible to submit unfounded and clearly ill-researched ‘findings’ based on a select few (the famous five) and their prescient conclusions, which implicitly implied these reflected the views of all British ex-pats in Malta! Not the majority, not the many, not the most, but rather all of them, in what they ‘feared’ leaving the EU. And whilst Mr Turner’s article goes a little way to addressing such an imbalanced and biased conclusion, it doesn’t remotely go far enough into providing a more comprehensive and impartial and accurate overview of the actual situation, which may only be determined and established via more accountable and detailed research.

I sincerely hope that come 24 June I will be able to enjoy my favourite meal – a full English Brexit! And rid ourselves once and for all time of the unaccountable elite. 

Peter Murray