Power cuts in Naxxar, Mosta: summer heat overloads underground cable

Power cuts in Naxxar, Gharghur, Mosta and Lija after sharp variation in temperature caused by high hea led to a rapid increase in load on undergound cable

Engineers and technicians at Enemalta carried out urgent work overnight to repair underground power cable faults that caused cuts in the power supply to parts of Naxxar, Gharghur, Mosta and Lija.

In some places, the supply was restored after some time as it was possible to provide additionally supply through other sub-stations. Enemalta workers provided temporary generators where necessary.

Investigations show the faults to the underground cable were caused by a sharp variation of temperature caused by high heat, which led to a rapid increase in load.

Short interruptions are not excluded in the coming hours, Enemalta said.

“We will seek to address any faults immediately. Enemalta has sufficient electricity supply to cope with demand and disruptions that were located. Enemalta apologies for every inconvenience,” a spokesperson for the energy company said.