[WATCH] 30-minute documentary shines spotlight on Filfla

The 30-minute documentary plunges audiences into one of Malta’s marine protected areas

Filfla, as captured by the 30-minute documentary
Filfla, as captured by the 30-minute documentary

The Malta Airport Foundation has launched a much-anticipated documentary, which puts the tiny islet plateau of Filfla and its surrounding waters in the spotlight.

The 30-minute documentary, which was filmed by an award-winning crew led by Alan Deidun, Pedja Miletic and Shaun Arrigo, plunges audiences into one of Malta’s marine protected areas, which is otherwise out of bounds to the public. 

The tiny islet is home to unique species like the spiny lobster and stunning moray eels that only dare to venture out because of a lack of human interference. It also plays host to an underwater world of caves and crevices, unique limestone architecture, and a submerged war museum that is a thrill to explore while diving.

Nudi branch
Nudi branch

“The launch of today’s documentary attests Malta Airport Foundation’s commitment to promoting Malta’s hidden gems and adding value to the island’s southern region. This project becomes even more significant in light of the fact that Malta’s rich marine environment attracts around 110,000 tourists to experience scuba diving each year,” said Malta Airport Foundation’s Chairperson, Fredrick Mifsud Bonnici.

“Despite being an archipelago, the majority of the Maltese are not acquainted with the bounty of the waters lapping our shores. This documentary aims to change that, by firing up the imagination of whoever watches it about the restless nature of our seas and the complexities of the many forms of life which call it home,” said Prof. Alan Deidun from the Department of Geosciences at the University of Malta.

The documentary will be made widely available via TV features and online platforms, such as visitmalta.com, so that as many people as possible are brought closer to the unique wonders and species harboured by Filfla’s waters.

The Malta Airport Foundation was set up in 2014 to independently manage and implement the airport’s Corporate Responsibility (CR) projects and investments for maximum impact and transparency.

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