5. The Common Swift

In July 2007 we featured swifts (M: rundun) and wrote that they "are regularly seen even throughout summer, though they do not stay to nest". We were right, then. Well if you live in the Sliema, Paceville or even Mellieha area and you know what swifts look (and sound) like, you would rightly raise an eyebrow at that statement. It seems that in these three localities at least, swifts this year did stay this summer after all, and almost certainly did nest as well! That hunters weren't allowed to target-shoot thousands of them this spring may have a lot of say in this turn of events. Whatever the reason, may these sickle-shaped aerial acrobats return every summer to fill our evening skies with their presence and with their shrill cries.

Text Victor Falzon, picture Phil Koken. Copyright to Birdlife Malta.

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