180 injured birds collected by BirdLife Malta during 2016

BirdLife Malta holds annual general meeting to discuss the ’10 challenges’ that lie ahead, including more investment in research and education

BirdLife Malta CEO Mark Sultana
BirdLife Malta CEO Mark Sultana

Over 180 injured birds, some of which highly protected, were collected by BirdLife Malta during 2016. According to BirdLife Malta CEO Mark Sultana, most of the birds had be euthanised by vets.

BirdLife Malta yesterday held its annual general meeting during which the audited financial statements and statute changes were approved.

Sultana highlighted this year’s achievements and future challenges, which will include influencing the Malta’s EU Presidency next year by pushing environmental issues on the agenda.

He also spoke about the importance of science and scientific research to advocate change and the need to build bridges with entities such as the University of Malta and Heritage Malta.

Sultana went on to add that BirdLife needed to seek common ground to work with those who might not have BirdLife Malta’s same conservation values at heart.

Secretary general Savior Balzan spoke on BirdLife’s decision not to engage in confrontation with its adversaries.

He said, that despite some positive signals, there still remained a long way to go on bird protection.

Balzan also spoke about BirdLife Malta’s environmental education work, conservation and scientific research as well as the management of the reserves including the latest addition, Salina.

He listed 10 challenges for 2017 which include more investment in research and education, new offices for BirdLife Malta in the centre of Malta and a drive to increase membership. Balzan highlighted the changes that took place within the organisation during the past 12 months, including the appointment of a Maltese CEO, a Maltese communications manager and the imminent appointment of a new education manager.

President Darryl Grima, in his closing address, spoke mostly about BirdLife Malta’s international work as a partner within the BirdLife family. He referred to the latest international campaign #NatureAlert to which BirdLife Malta contributed and which led to the EU’s Birds and Habitats Directives being saved.

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