83% more IVF cycles took place in 2015, birth rate at 18.9%

The annual report by the Embryo Protection Authority shows an 82.9% increase in IVF treatment in 2015 from the previous year, with a projected 18.9% birth rate from that year’s cycles

The rate of births as a result of IVF in 2015 in Malta is expected to be 18.9%
The rate of births as a result of IVF in 2015 in Malta is expected to be 18.9%

Calculating the numbers of women who have given birth and those who are in the late stages of pregnancy following IVF treatment in 2015, the rate of births as a result of IVF in Malta is expected to be 18.9%.

Following last year’s introduction of free IVF treatment at Mater Dei hospital, the number of cycles rose from 170 in 2014 to 311 in 2015, an 82.9% increase.

These figures were revealed in the Embryo Protection Authority’s annual report for 2015 which was tabled in the House of Representatives by health minister Chris Fearne this morning.

According to the report, 256 couples opted for this treatment last year, 176 taking place in Mater Dei hospital while 135 took place in private clinics.

Out of the 311 cycles, the report says, 230 used fresh oocytes wile 80 used frozen oocytes. From the 230 cases which used fresh oocytes, 94 women did not vitrify an egg.

A total of 24 couples did not transfer an embryo while 50 couples transferred one embryo, 173 transferred two and 64 couples transferred three.

The 311 cycles of IVF resulted in 88 pregnancies, with 29 miscarriages, 25 births and several other couples which are still expecting.

2015 saw the birth of 59 children, of which 31 were girls and 28 were boys, as a result of IVF treatment, including those from 2014 cycles. In fact, 28 of these children were the result of IVF cycles in 2015. Currently 34 expectant mothers are awaiting the birth of children fertilised in a cycle of IVF taking place in 2015. 

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