PN files BA complaint over TVAM review of the year

Nationalists insist PN reporter should have been invited on TVAM edition looking back at 2015 events

The Nationalist MP Clyde Puli is claiming that TVM’s breakfast show TVAM committed an act of broadcasting imbalance on Monday morning’s edition, by not ‘balancing’ out a Labour journalist with a Nationalist journalist invited for a 2015 review programme.

Presenter Norma Saliba hosted a Labour journalist and an RTK journalist for her programme’s review of the year in news, in what turns out to be a two-part edition that will continue on Tuesday.  

Puli claimed that the journalist from the Labour stable was invited “so that only the PL’s view could be heard and not the PN’s view about what happened in 2015,” the MP said.

“This is another of barefaced imbalance. At one point there were two PBS journalists who are former Labour media journalists, as well as the Labour media journalist in the studio, out of four reporters. This creates an imbalance in the content of the discussion.”

The PN followed up the case with a complaint to the Broadcasting Authority.