VoxPop | Pensioners generally happy with Budget 2017

A MaltaToday vox pop in Valletta, on the morning after the budget, gathers mixed feeling although majority of pensioners interviewed - mostly women - expressed their satisfaction

People, mostly pensioners, have positively welcomed Budget 2017
People, mostly pensioners, have positively welcomed Budget 2017
People in Valletta on how they feel the budget affected them

It was a budget that targeted pensioners at its core, welcomed by social partners as one which distributed wealth across all sectors.

With measures to increase pensions, bonuses for the elderly who don’t qualify for the pension increases, the weekly €20 increase for women pensioners and the increased carers’ allowance, Budget 2017 was welcomed by many.

While many expressed their satisfaction at the measures announced, a vox pop by MaltaToday this morning in Valletta also found a number of people who said they were unaffected by the budget. The lack of a reduction in electicity tariffs was also a concern for some.

A number of complaints were also raised about the usual increase in the cost of tobacco as well as the new duty tax imposed on certain cosmetic products.