First increase for foster carers in seven years

For the first time in seven years, foster carers will see a €30 weekly increase to their allowance bringing it up to €100

Adoptive parents will also receive financial support, who will next year start receiving up to €10,000 to help cover adoption-related expenses. 

The government will also be giving orphans a full allowance until the age of 21.

These measures – amongst others such as the extra vacation leave for workers and the increase in minimum wage – have been described by the Labour government as the way by which it was redistributing economic wealth. 

Small and medium enterprises will also benefit from this wealth distribution, as the VAT exempt threshold will now increase to €20,000 from €14,000. In parallel, the government will strengthen its joint enforcement task force to fight tax evasion.

For parents who work, the in-work benefit will increase to €450 per child, whilst the lowest rate will increase to €75 per child.

Participants of the community worker scheme will see their salary increase by a monthly €200.