Motorsport enthusiasts disappointed after being left out of budget

Malta Motorsport Federation says government has once again put the sport on the backburner

Budget disappoints motorsport athletes
Budget disappoints motorsport athletes

The Malta Motorsport Federation has expressed is disappointment after a number of its recommendations were ignored in the budget presented yesterday.

The MMF said that in its €11 million allocation towards sports, government failed to allocate funds for the development of motorsport.

The federation said it has presented a number of proposals to the government including subsidies for homologated safety equipment, support for international competitions, a one-stop-shop for the issuance of permits for public sporting events and financial assistance for motorsport clubs when organizing local events.

The electoral pledge of having a road safety and motorsport facility has also not been fulfilled according to the federation.

“Seven years have elapsed and the electoral promise for the development of a motorsport facility, which is much needed by the motorsport community, is absent from the Budget speech,” it said.

The MMF also expressed its disappointment that a measure to allocate funds to enable motorsport athletes to train and practise overseas was ignored.

“While MMF welcomes the announcement of an authority for sports integrity, a simple proposal to introduce efficiency into the sport via a one stop shop for the issuance of permits for public sporting events was also ignored and instead, millions are being allocated in funding for facilities and land to specific organisations and disciplines leaving motorsport out in the dark,” MMF said.

The federation did welcome the 35% reduced road tax for motorists who opt to use their vehicles only on weekends.