Man denies beating up ex-girlfriend, granted bail

Man accused of beating up his ex-girlfriend after she allegedly refused to accept that their relationship was over is released on bail

Man charged with beating ex-girlfriend is granted bail
Man charged with beating ex-girlfriend is granted bail

A man has been charged with grievously injuring his former girlfriend in Paola after the woman was found by passers-by near a central strip. 

The man, Floyd Cardona, 23, denied the charges and was granted bail.

The incident happened on Tuesday and Inspector Colin Sheldon told Magistrate Gabriella Vella that the police had been informed of the incident near the mosque, in which a person had been attacked.

Passers-by had stopped to help the victim and called the police, he said.

The police heard how the victim had met the accused, her former boyfriend, in the Fort Cambridge parking area. There, an argument erupted over some Facebook photos. The woman had given him a lift, but during the drive they had swapped seats and at a point the man allegedly grabbed the woman by the neck, punched and threatened her.

The woman was certified to have injuries to her face, trunk and legs.

Cardona was not at the scene when the police arrived. He later turned himself in at the Sliema police station, from where he was sent to a doctor to be treated and medically certified as he was clearly injured too.

Upon his return to the police station, he was arrested.

The accused, who told the court that he works at Sports Malta, pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Lawyer Manuel Mallia, defence counsel together with lawyer Ezekiel Psaila, requested bail for his client. Inspector Sheldon opposed the request.

Mallia argued that the accused and his alleged victim had met near Fort Cambridge in Sliema, where the accused had an apartment. She had wanted him to get in her car, explained the lawyer.

The accused had wanted to end their relationship and the fight had erupted after she did not accept this, despite him telling her several times that it was over. 

The man had a clean criminal record and posed no risk, said the lawyer, pointing out that the accused had turned himself in to the police.

The prosecution asked for a protection order if bail is granted.

Lawyers Franco Debono and Marion Camilleri, appearing as parte civile did not object to bail, as long as suitable conditions were imposed.

The court granted bail against a deposit of €500 and a personal guarantee of €2,000, ordering the man to sign a bail book daily, observe a curfew and obey a protection order which was also imposed.