Tired traveller admits to smashing airport Perspex

Man says he had been on a short fuse as a result of his late-night flight after damaging airport Perspex

File Photo
File Photo

A sleep-deprived traveller who smashed a Perspex screen at the airport has been conditionally discharged.

Aurelien Dylan Gillet, 23, from France was arraigned before magistrate Josette Demicoli this afternoon. He was charged with causing voluntary damage to the Perspex desk screen at the Schengen Arrivals desk at Malta International Airport. The damage did not exceed €2,500 in value. The incident occurred at 2:30am.

Lawyer Leontine Calleja, appearing as legal aid to the accused, entered a guilty plea on the man’s behalf, explaining that he had been on a short fuse as a result of his late-night flight. He would pay for the damage he caused, she added.

The court said it was no excuse for the man’s behaviour and found him guilty, conditionally discharging him for 2 years.

The magistrate reminded him that France is in the EU and that he could be punished for this crime if he commits another offence in the EU during the next two years.

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