Airport thief who stole €6000 worth of jewellery to be sentenced next week

The man admitted to a string of thefts around the airport, including at a nearby petrol station

A 46 year-old man from Marsa will be sentenced later this month after admitting to stealing some €6000 worth of jewellery from a display window at the airport, amongst other things.

Joseph Buttigieg also admitted to stealing an iPad, tablet and other objects from a petrol station at the airport, as well as to a further attempted theft at the same place.

Buttigieg was arrested on Thursday night just two days after the thefts, footage of which was captured on CCTV cameras. Sources say he is known to the police.

Despite escaping from the scene of the crime, Buttigieg, who is well known to the police, was later arrested at his residence. Further investigations led to the discovery that he had also stolen items from another shop at the airport on 30 October, and on 3 November he had stolen from the same petrol station. The attempted theft also took place at the petrol station, on Thursday, after CCTV footage had already been seen by the police.

During his arraignment this morning, Buttigieg also admitted to charges of recidivism and breaching a suspended sentence.

Magistrate Astrid May Grima will be sentencing the man on November 12.

Inspectors Saviour Baldachhino and Karl Roberts prosecuted. Lawyer Martha Mifsud appeared as legal aid to Buttigieg.