Four asylum seekers jailed after using false passports in Italy flight bid

Court hears how the asylum seekers could no longer stay at the Hal Far centre and were unable to find work

A group of four asylum seekers who tried to travel to Catania using false documents yesterday have been jailed.

Inspector Lara Butters arraigned Adam Smai Omar, 23, from Sudan, Mohia Aldyn Seliamen, 20, from Sudan, Abbass Isem, 24, from Chad and Adam Hamad, 18, from Sudan before magistrate Ian Farrugia this morning.

The asylum seekers, whose asylum claims are currently being processed, had been moved on from the Hal Far centre and could not find work, Butters said. The men bought a false document in the hope of flying to Italy but were apprehended yesterday at the gate to their flight to Catania. The documents they used were very clearly forgeries, she said.

The inspector pointed out that had the men taken up the opportunity of seeking assistance from AWAS, they could have received a small stipend and be given shelter and food.

Butters also informed the court that 18 year old Adam Hamad had already been convicted of a similar offence in the past.

All four men pleaded guilty.

Omar, Seliamen , and Isem  were jailed for 6 months.

Hamad was sentenced to 8 months in prison as this was his second conviction for this offence. The court warned him not to do this again as he would face ever longer prison sentences.
Lawyer Jason Grima appeared for the men.

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