Trans social media personality’s partner charged with domestic violence

Terry Muscat live-streamed her injuries while waiting inside Mater Dei’s A&E after assault

A man accused of assaulting social media personality Terry Muscat, known as Terry ta’ Bormla, screamed “I don’t want to go to prison” and head-butted a door after being denied bail.

Gareth Chlach, 22, appeared in court before magistrate Lara Lanfranco, accused by Inspector Eman Hayman of having grievously injured Muscat, insulted or threatened her, used violence against her during the commission of a crime and possession of drugs. Chlach was also accused of breaching a probation order.

Chlach was also accused of breaching a probation order.

Muscat had taken to social media after the assault, posting pictures of her bruised face and injuries.

The court was told that Chlach had punched Muscat in the face, causing grievous injuries.  

“The victim came before me and had a wound across her nose,” said Inspector Eman Hayman.

"The argument was over Terry’s phone, Gareth wanted to use it privately. He threw it to the ground and when Terry went to pick it up, she was punched on the nose by the accused."

The victim had spent the past three months living in fear with the accused, who the court was told, has an acute drug problem, added the inspector.

The accused denied the charges. His lawyer, George Anton Buttigieg requested bail, but this was ultimately denied by the court, which noted that the charges dealt with domestic violence and that there was a real fear of the accused approaching the sole witness, Muscat.
The defence requested that the accused be held in the forensic unit or vulnerable persons section to avoid him getting into contact with certain individuals in prison who would cause him harm.

“I’m going to leave prison hanged,” cried Chlach after bail was denied. “Prison does this to me. It will be on your conscience, Inspector.” Shaking his head, he said “I will hang myself in there.” The Court ordered that he be examined by a doctor.

Outside the courtroom, the drama continued to unfold with the accused crying and screaming that he did not want to go to prison. At one point, he got up and headbutted the wooden door, causing a gash on his head.

“There are a lot of enemies of mine at prison, if I go there, they will kill me” he told officers outside the courtroom, whilst being treated for the head wound. He was taken away for further medical treatment and eventual preventive custody.