Investigations into narrative of Chris Cardona 'frame-up' letter inconclusive, says Keith Arnaud

Superintendent Keith Arnaud was cross-examined in the constitutional case filed by Caruana Galizia murder mastermind Yorgen Fenech, in which he is claiming a breach of his rights for the prolonged detention

Inspector Keith Arnaud
Inspector Keith Arnaud

Police Superintendent Keith Arnaud was cross-examined this morning, as Madam Justice Miriam Hayman continued hearing the case filed by alleged Daphne Caruana Galizia murder mastermind Yorgen Fenech, over his continued pre-trial detention.

Fenech argued that he has spent over 500 days in custody while still presumed innocent, on grounds that have no basis in law and which are unconstitutional.

Arnaud confirmed that investigations into Yorgen Fenech’s possible ownership of properties in London and Paris have now been concluded. He mentioned how Fenech had chats with several foreign people, and that there are also photos and email correspondences that back this up.

The infamous letter that doctor Adrian Vella had allegedly handed to Yorgen Fenech, while in lock up, was brought up. Arnaud says that the letter included a ‘narrative’ about other persons being involved in the assassination, including former Minister Chris Cardona.

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The inspector said that information in relation to the allegations in the letter, brought up by Vince Muscat (Il-Koħħu), has not been proven. Arnaud said that the investigations show that Muscat's testimony was based on hearsay.

Arnaud revealed that prior to the arrest, a member of the Malta Secret Service had informed him that Fenech was acting suspiciously and that it was feared that he might be leaving Malta.

The defence insisted on getting to know the identity of this individual, arguing that this was the person that led to Fenech's arrest. The State Advocate objected to the request.

The court gave Fenech's lawyers two weeks to come up with a written note to back up their request, while the State Advocate and Caruana Galizia's lawyers were given two weeks, after that, to submit their reply.

The case has been now deferred to the 29 October.