Man to admits to string of snatch and runs in Fgura

The 25-year-old was responsible for stealing valuables from the hands of a number of victims in Fgura

File photo
File photo

A 25-year-old Fgura resident has pleaded guilty after being charged in connection to a sieries of snatch and runs in Fgura.

Antonino D’Angelo from Sicily admitted to charges brought against him. He is accused of stealing cash from a woman who had just withdrawn money from an ATM in Fgura.

This was followed by the suspect snatching a bag from the hands of the 74-year-old man, as well as a mobile phone from the 80-year-old woman. 

Police started to search for the suspect using a description provided by his victims. At around 8:30pm, the police spotted a man fitting the description and he was arrested. 

It was then discovered that the suspect had pushed a 74-year-old man on Wednesday, before stealing his wallet, lightly injuring the man.

The court heard that D'Angelo wishes to address his drug addiction. The court diferred the sitting to the February 7 so that a pre-sentencing report can be presented.