Man denies stabbing his sleeping brother-in-law 13 times

Officers dispatched to the scene found the victim, who said that his wife’s brother had stabbed him while he was asleep

File photo
File photo

A 63-year-old man from Raħal Ġdid has been charged with attempted murder, after allegedly stabbing his sleeping brother-in-law 13 times.

The defendant, Robert Frendo, was arraigned before magistrate Nadine Lia on Thursday morning by police inspectors Kurt Farrugia and Keith Rizzo, who were assisted by prosecutors Ramon Bonett Sladden and Nathaniel Falzon from the Office of the Attorney General.

Inspector Rizzo told Magistrate Nadine Sant Lia how the Raħal Ġdid police station had received a report of a stabbing on February 20. Officers dispatched to the scene found the victim, who said that he had been attacked by his wife’s brother, who had stabbed him in his sleep. The police already knew who Frendo was, he said.

When asked by the court whether he understood the charges, Frendo replied “Jien naf, kelli inċident,” Defence lawyer Mark Mifsud Cutajar told the court that the defendant understood them.

A plea of not guilty was entered on Frendo’s behalf by the lawyer, after the defendant appeared to misunderstand a question requesting his details, which he waved off with a gesture of annoyance, saying “guilty, guilty.”

The court then told him to consult with his lawyer, after which the official plea was recorded, Mifsud Cutajar telling the court that his client had misunderstood the question.

After the lawyer pointed out that journalists were present in the courtroom, the magistrate told the press to only report the official plea, so as not to prejudice the defendant's case.

Bail was not requested at this stage.

Lawyers Franco Debono, Marion Camilleri and Adriana Zammit are assisting the victim as parte civile.