Cyrus Engerer acquitted of charges against him

Former PN councillor was charged 10 days after resigning from PN and moving to Labour.

Cyrus Engerer
Cyrus Engerer

Former Sliema deputy mayor Cyrus Engerer, who was arraigned for harassing former boyfriend Marvic Camilleri, was acquitted of all charges.

Engerer - who earlier in 2011 had resigned from the PN and moved to Labour - was at the centre of the controversial police charge issued some 10 days after his resignation from the party, sparking a debate on whether a complaint filed by Marvic Camilleri back in January 2010 had deliberately surfaced for prosecution.

Engerer, 31, was charged with keeping and circulating pornography and computer misuse. He was also charged with vilifying Marvic Camilleri, a former employee of the Nationalist Party and a former member of the PN youth movement. The alleged crimes took place between December 2009 and January 2010.

Camilleri had complained that Engerer had circulated compromising photographs of himself to friends and his employer.

The charges were issued just days after his father Chris Engerer, who owns a beach club in Sliema, was arrested after police caught him smoking cannabis outside his home.

Lawyer Franco Debono appeared for Cyrus Engerer.

Complainant Marvic Camilleri had formally dropped the charges and filed a note with the courts.

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WELL DONE CYRUS! You showed all what COURAGE is and that you were not afraid of the EVIL CLIQUE, which Fanco Debono rightly labeled the PN OLIGARCHY! Is that how they want to keep there "supporters" IN by keeping tabs on them and their families , having the Secret Service and the Police on hold at ther service? Well done Cyrus it takes courage to take up the PN and you succeeded ! You are to be admired and be a role model for anyone who is under the hold of of the PN EVIL CLIQUE!
Justice is BLIND, DEAF & DUMB!!!!

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